Decorative Ceiling Fans from Usha International

Designed for your comfort and elegance


Decorative Ceiling Fans from Usha International: The ceiling fan is no longer the ubiquitous blob with blades that churns overhead to move the air. The ceiling fans of today have the propensity to add a flair to the interiors of any room.

Decorative Ceiling Fans from Usha International

Whether you are planning on how to do up your new home or renovating where you live, a well-designed high performing fan also adds a touch of glamour enhancing the overall visual appeal and aesthetics of the room.

Fans have become an integral part of home décor accessories and Usha’s beautiful and smart-looking Bloom series ceiling fans, are a great offering from the company’s robust portfolio of fans. Inspired by Flowers, these fans are contemporary, feature-loaded, and high-performers, making them a compelling buy for any household.

Bloom Lily and Dahlia

This vibrant and elegant series of fans inspired by flowers come with the goodbye dust finish that prevents dust accumulation on the fans and thus making the cleaning process convenient and hassle-free.

These fans operate at low voltage and have a unique blade design for higher air delivery and thrust to keep you cool and fresh throughout the day.

Lily and Dahlia both come with four blades and are equipped with a 16-pole strong motor that enhances the life expectancy of fans and offers a high air delivery (250CMM) and speed (280 RPM).

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These fans come with the Novel Silane technology from PPG Asian paints making them dust, oil, moisture, scratch, and stain-resistant, therefore providing greater durability during extreme weather conditions.

Aesthetically crafted, these fans are available in dual-color designs, including, Sparkle White & Silver, Sparkle Black & Maroon, and Sparkle Brown & Gold. With a two-year warranty,

Usha Bloom Lily is priced at INR 5505 and Usha Bloom Dahlia is priced at INR 5295. These fans are available at retail stores across India.

Bloom Bellflower fans

An addition to Usha International’s Bloom series of fans inspired by soft aesthetics of summer flowers, the new Bloom Bellflower is uber stylish and comes in three colour variants – Sparkle Black with Maroon, Sparkle Brown with Gold, and Sparkle White with Silver.

With a sweep of 1300 MM, the unique design of the blades makes for higher air delivery and thrust. It has a unique self-protective anti-germ nanotechnology that strengthens its range of fans and keeps the circulating air hygienic.

Perfect for those looking to spruce up the décor in their homes, these fans are a perfect blend of beauty and functionality with a high-air delivery of 250 CMM and speed of 300 RPM.

Bloom Bellflower is completely dust, oil, water, scratch, and stain-resistant and comes with 100% copper motor. With two-year warranty, Usha Bloom Bellflower is priced at INR 4495.

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Bloom Primrose fans

Elevating the décor of any room they are placed in, Bloom Primrose fans by Usha International are packed with high-tech features and the goodbye dust finish. With a sweep of 1250 MM, the unique design of the blades makes for higher air delivery and thrust.

It has a speed of 380 rpm and is dust, oil, water, scratch and stain resistant. Inspired by the aesthetics of the primrose flowers, these fans come with a super high 230 m³/min air delivery, power consumption of 78 watts, and a promise of great performance at low voltage, further making it a durable buy for consumers.

Bloom Primrose fans are available in dual-colour designs, including, Sparkle Golden & Cherry, Sparkle Golden & Brown, and Sparkle White. Priced at INR 3595, these fans come with a warranty of two years.


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