Develop Industrial Area Phase III for industrial tenants says Pawan Kumar Bansal


Former Union Minister and City MP Pawan Kumar Bansal has asked for the rehabilitation of the tenants running micro and small enterprises in industrial area phase 1 and phase 2. He has asked the administration to develop Phase 3 in the industrial area for which land is available. Bansal said that this segment is contributing 85% of the industrial activity in the industrial area.

He added that there is a constant need to support entrepreneurs who work in this industrial sector but face uncertainty because they run their small units from rented sheds.

Bansal said that they can be facilitated to contribute to City’s economy by allotting them small plots or built up sheds so that they can relocate their works or begin afresh there. Third phase of industrial area can be built up over the land which was acquired some time back in Raipur Kalan and it could ideally address the issue. This step will also greatly help create more jobs for skilled, semiskilled and unskilled workers.

Bansal further said that existing industrial plot and shed owners should be permitted extra covered area for optimum utilisation of the space.