DishTV launches its firstHome VideoSystem – DishFlix in India


~First of its kind PUSH VOD service~

~ Revolutionary offering that will redefine ‘Home movie viewing’~

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Another first from the pioneer and the market leader of Indian DTH industry. DishTV launches ‘DishFlix’ a push VOD service that will redefine the home movie viewing. With the introduction of one of its kind and innovative Push VOD service,“DishFlix,”DishTV aims to empower consumersto enjoy uninterrupted Ad-Free (No Commercials) entertainment.


Viewers will be able to pause, play, fast forward and rewind movies or TV shows at their own convenience. Another unique feature is that this service will not require any internet connection as the content will be pushed to the customer’s STB through satellite. Customers need to buy a DishFlix Box that comes preloaded with 50 movies. Out of these, 15 movies will be refreshed every month on FIFO (First in First Out) basis (one new movie every two days) so that the viewable movie library is always updated. As stated above this little wonder works without internet, using advanced satellite technology.


DishFlix hardware will be available at a price of Rs.5990/-, with a monthly subscription to Flix studio at Rs.100/-.

Speaking on the occasion of the DishFlix launch, Mr. R.C Venkateish, Chief Executive Officer, DishTV India said, “As industry leaders and pioneers of the DTH sector, we continue to reinvent and redefine the market with thought leadership to be ahead of the pack. DishFlix is a highly differentiated and extremely consumer friendly move for all those movie buffs. This is a never before kind of unique offering for all those valued subscribers who will choose our services”.

“We are confident that DishFlix will set higher benchmark in the entertainment industry by addressing the need of every member in the family by offering blockbuster movies from Bollywood and Hollywood across various genres. This will translate into huge competitive advantage for DishTV as none of the other competitors both from cable as well as DTH offer this facility.” He further added.

 DishFlix Highlights

  • Convenience: DishFlix is an excellent platform to watch movies at one’s own convenience. It addressesthe issues of the choice of the movie, its print quality, the pricing factoralong with the convenience of watching the movie in the comfort of one’s home.
  • Ad Free Entertainment: The most common and widespread violation issue with movie viewing is the advertising duration. A two-hour or two-and-a-half-hour film often stretches for up to four hours on television.DishFlix offers the best option for watching movies which addresses the issues of the endless breaks in the movie
  • Various genres: DishFlix offers wide genre of movies according to everyone’s preference- Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller and much more
  • Convenience: Have a home movie library of 50 Hollywood and Bollywood movies at any given time. Pause, rewind, fast forward and play at your convenience.
  • Ad Free Entertainment: No ads to interrupt your viewing.
  • No Internet required: No buffering as you don’t need internet.
  • Wide Genre Selection: Movies from all genres i.e. Action, Romance, Comedy, thriller and more are available.
  • Safe Alternative for Internet download: No need of illegal download of movies from torrents.