Disney Channel’s Captain Tiao in an all new avatar!


DisneyNewZNew (Chandigarh) : There are talk show hosts and then there is Captain Tiao! Over the past two seasons Tiao, in his unique style, has been charming his fans as well as the celebrity guests on his show. Starting June 19th, Disney Channel is bringing back this little bundle of energy-Saadhil Kapoor aka Captain Tiao as he continues to meet and interview celebrities, this time with an all new style.

In the previous editions of the show, Tiao kept audiences glued with his ready wit and innocence along with his inquisitiveness as he interviewed who-is-who of Bollywood, sports personalities and other celebrities. In this all new season, Tiao will continue to charm everyone albeit in a new avatar in every episode. Be it the driving an auto as Autowala Tiao while chatting with Farha Khan, practicing the good-cop-bad-cop routine as Inspector Tiao with Abhishek Bachchan, flying in as SuperTiao with superhero Karan Wahi, as Dentist Tiao with Ritiesh Deshmukh.The celebrity guests will become a part of this fresh new format and play along with their little host. Keeping in with the theme of the show, tiao will also have them do some fun tasks while engaging them in an interesting quiz.

“The best part of this show was that I got to ask as many questions to my favourite people and now, I also get to act – be it a director or trainer or a chef while I am asking them questions. It’s so much fun as all my friends also get to play different roles while answering. I am really excited,” said Captain Tiao himself.

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What celebrities on the show have to say about Captain Tiao:

Current Youth Sensation Varun Dhawan said, “When I think of Captain Tiao, I immediately think of a small little curious child. Captain Tiao is an extremely interesting and intelligent kid who is also very cute. We all just love him”

Sizzling Diva Shraddha Kapoor, said, “Captain Tiao and I share a surname. I had a great time on his show. He came as choreographer Captain Tiao and he taught us a few steps. I really hope we managed to do them well”

As a patient to Dentist Tiao, Riteish Deshmukh said, “It was amazing fun to meet Captain Tiao. I have met a lot of interesting hosts but Captain Tiao has been the most fascinating one. I really hope to come back to his show one more time”.


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