Does playing slots games before bedtime affect sleep?


Does playing slots games before bedtime affect sleep?: Modern people rarely go to sleep straight away and they usually prefer to do something fun before they go to bed. Some choose to watch TV, while others read a book but most would rather spend some quality time on mobile.

Does playing slots games before bedtime affect sleep

Enthusiastic gamblers are not surprisingly inclined to spin the reels of slots on phones and tablets before they call it a day. While this is definitely a fun activity to wrap up a busy day, there are concerns regarding its effect on sleep.

Limited research, plenty of assumptions

The manner in which the human body reacts to various stimuli is fascinating. The impact of playing slots and other casino games on sleep is ‘insufficiently researched” according to this page, but there are many theories out there.

Many believe that spending time on the mobile device before going to bed will affect sleep quality regardless of the activity. There are some arguments behind this theory, mainly because of the effect that bright light has on the human brain when it is particularly tired.

Some theories state that by exposing oneself to the excitement of games before going to bed it is more difficult to fall asleep. They explained that by arousing interest for a fun activity, games turn the brain on or at least prevent it from going to speed.

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It partially makes sense because slots and games in general can be immensely entertaining regardless of the hour when you play. Staying in bed, comfortably and with no pressure whatsoever is only likely to encourage longer gaming sessions.

One of the aspects discussed in the studies is the actual loss of sleep because of the time invested in playing the games. Researchers have concluded that people lose on average half an hour to play, which could be instead spent sleeping.

This is not necessarily a problem related to slots because the same amount of time is lost doing other pleasant activities. In fact, reading will take even longer and playing video games can easily turn into a long gaming session.

Gaming can produce less melatonin

Other studies have focused on the impact of playing games on the production of melatonin. Commonly referred to as the sleep hormone, it is essential for helping people fall asleep and it is produced by the human body in variable quantities.

There are people who already have a problem that needs to be addressed by taking medicine. For these individuals it makes perfect sense not to take any chances with activities that can decrease the production of melatonin.

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Playing video games is far more harmful in this regard than slots because these require total focus and commitment. Slots on the other hand can be soothing, because of the pleasant sounds and visual effects.

Since they can be enjoyed on virtual currency rather than real money, the excitement of winning and the fear of losing are watered down. The bottom line is that a definitive conclusion doesn’t yet exist and the impact of playing slots on sleep is still being researched.


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