Dr. Mohit Saraogi Gives Tips on How to Get The Best IVF Success Rate


Dr. Mohit Saraogi Gives Tips on How to Get The Best IVF Success Rate: Are you having trouble getting pregnant? Wondering why you are not having success after trying for months? You are not alone.

Dr. Mohit Saraogi Gives Tips on How to Get The Best IVF Success RateMany couples struggle with fertility, and as with any difficulty, there are several ways to get around it. The best way to get your fertility on the right track is to get the best treatment plan for you and your partner. With the right approach, you can have greater success in conceiving.

Several factors can affect your IVF success rate, but you can increase your chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to your baby with the proper attention to detail. Keep reading to learn more about getting the best IVF success rate, and take steps to increase your chance of conceiving. In this post, Dr. Mohit Saraogi, the best IVF specialist in Mumbai, talks about IVF treatment and mentions the steps that take one to the destination of a “successful IVF”!

So, let’s begin by understanding what IVF is?

Dr. Mohit Saraogi Gives Tips on How to Get The Best IVF Success RateIVF is a fertility treatment that involves artificially inseminating the woman with her partner’s sperm. IVF treatments have been around for many years, but they are currently being used more often because they have more excellent success rates than other methods of impregnating a woman.

How does IVF work?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process that involves implanting one or more embryos in the uterus of a woman with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy. It involves intrauterine insemination, ovarian stimulation, and ovulation induction. This is done using either an egg from the female partner or donor eggs.

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The IVF process can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months, with most women getting pregnant the first time around. According to Dr. Mohit Saraogi, a renowned IVF specialist, many factors can affect your chance of success with IVF, including age, type of infertility, previous fertility treatments, and even diet.

Why use IVF?

An IVF treatment plan can be combined with other fertility treatments, such as ovulation induction or IVF embryo transfer, to improve your chance of getting pregnant and giving birth to your baby.

What to expect when you go to your IVF appointment ?

One of the most important things to remember when you go for your IVF appointment is that it can be a long process. Your doctor will need to do an extensive exam, and they will take many samples and tests before they are sure that you are fertile enough to get pregnant. You may not even know the results until after your second or third cycle.

Another thing to remember is that, while the success rate of IVF is high, this does not mean that you should give up if you have trouble conceiving. Many other factors can affect your fertility, so don’t just assume that you’ll never conceive if this doesn’t happen for you, advises Dr. Mohit Saraogi.

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Successful IVF treatments contain specific factors.

According to Dr. Mohit Saraogi, some factors that affect the IVF success rates include:

  • The age and weight of the mother.
  • The length of time you have been trying to conceive.
  • Other fertility treatments you have gone through.

For example, if your age is higher than 35, your IVF success rate will lower significantly. For women over 35 years old and who have had children before, IVF success rates are only 5-10 percent. Conversely, if a woman has never given birth before and is under 30 years old, her chances of achieving a pregnancy increase significantly with IVF treatment.

Understanding your fertility status before you start trying

One way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to understand what’s going on in your body before you begin trying to conceive, says the fertility expert Dr. Mohit Saraogi. You should know the difference between male and female fertility rates and how age affects fertility.

Tips for getting a successful IVF treatment

There are several tips for getting a successful IVF treatment. For example, it is essential to know the specific fertility issue you are experiencing so that you can take the necessary steps toward treating it. The best way to improve your chances of success is to be prepared and know what to expect from your treatment plan. It is also important to remember that you cannot do everything alone—you need help from your partner as well. Finally, it can make a difference if you find out whether or not you have any genetic disorders that could contribute to your difficulty in conceiving.

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Five ways that can increase your chances of getting a successful IVF treatment according to Dr. Mohit Saraogi

  1. Be realistic about your expectations
  2. Make yourself as healthy as possibleDr. Mohit Saraogi Gives Tips on How to Get The Best IVF Success Rate
  3. Avoid smoking and other habits that can harm your fertility
  4. Avoid stress by doing relaxation exercises or meditation.
  5. Choose a reputable IVF hospital such as Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai for IVF.


IVF is an effective and highly-successful fertility treatment that can help many women to conceive. Many factors can help increase your chances of conceiving, including understanding your fertility status before you start trying, choosing a reputable clinic, and taking the recommended steps to increase your chances of success. These are the steps to reach the destination of parenthood! These are the steps to make the IVF journey the most successful journey to the beautiful destination of parenthood!

If you are interested in IVF, it is crucial to find a reliable IVF doctor. Dr. Mohit Saraogi is one of the most experienced and dependable IVF doctors in Mumbai. With his effective and affordable IVF treatments, he has helped many infertile couples reach the destination of parenthood!

You never know, you might be the next one!

So, what are you waiting for?

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