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"The wall of myths needs to be broken to see the reality!"


Myths And Facts About IVF_ Babies & Us : Talking about myths, myths around IVF treatment are the most common ones. Because of these myths, many people don’t go through with IVF treatment.

Myths And Facts About IVF_ Babies & UsThese myths not only keep them from getting IVF treatment, but they also keep them from having a child. They need to be busted to encourage more and more people to undergo IVF treatment, the most effective fertility treatment, which will make their dream of having a child into reality. Thus, these myths need to be replaced by reality to make one’s dream of having a child a reality!

Thus, this article is a step towards turning one’s dream of having a child into reality by helping one break their wall of myths about IVF and making them see the reality!

In this article, the leading IVF doctor at Babies & Us, the best IVF centre in Mumbai, discusses some common myths about IVF and reveals the “real truth” of IVF.

Babies & Us is a renowned IVF centre in Mumbai that provides advanced fertility treatment to couples facing fertility issues. They use cutting-edge technology to treat fertility issues of their patients, thus taking them closer to their dream of achieving parenthood. Babies & Us design the fertility treatment program of each patient differently after taking their needs and expectations into account.

The best IVF doctor in Mumbai says that many people get discouraged from undergoing IVF treatment due to certain negative myths about IVF. These myths are like an obstacle to their dream of becoming parents. They stop them from reaching their dream and destination of parenthood by discouraging them from undergoing IVF treatment.

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The top IVF doctor at Babies & Us says, “To turn every woman’s dream of having a baby into reality is the main aim of our IVF centre.” And so, to achieve this aim, the IVF doctor at Babies & Us has written this article. Through this article, the doctor has busted some of the myths about IVF treatment, including the negative ones, thus encouraging more and more women to see the reality of IVF treatment and motivating them to walk on the path of IVF treatment- the path to their dream of achieving motherhood!

So, here are the common myths of IVF treatment and the actual truth of IVF treatment. Myths And Facts About IVF_ Babies & Us

  • Myth – IVF is the final step to reach the destination of parenthood.

Truth: At times, it is the first choice for older people and people who have problems having children.

  • There is a myth that IVF is only for rich people.

Truth: Even though IVF costs a lot of money, it’s less than most other treatments and surgery. IVF isn’t just for rich people. It is for people who want to become parents and give birth to a child one day says the IVF doctor at Babies & Us.

  • Myth: It is believed that only young people can try IVF.

Truth: “Age is just a number,” so IVF can be done even on older women.

  • Myth: IVF is always a success 100% of the time.

Truth: Nothing is perfect. Even the best things have flaws. Even people who are very good at something sometimes fail. Even the best people have bad days. In the same way, IVF treatment isn’t always perfect, either. Several things can affect how well IVF treatment works, such as why a person is infertile, how good an IVF doctor in Mumbai is, where IVF treatment is done, etc. Thus, it is advisable to do IVF treatment from a reputed IVF centre in Mumbai like Babies & Us to get the best results.

  • Myth: IVF always leads to multiple births.
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Myths And Facts About IVF_ Babies & UsTruth: It is possible to cut down on the number of transferred embryos, thus reducing the risk of multiple births through IVF.

  • Myth: IVF babies are born with flaws.

Truth: IVF babies are just as healthy as babies born by other means, says the experienced IVF specialist at Babies & Us.

  • Myth: Insurance will pay for IVF.

Truth: Most insurance companies don’t usually pay for IVF. But it’s still a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if they cover insurance.

  • Myth: IVF is dangerous.

Truth: IVF isn’t dangerous. But not doing IVF can be dangerous for your dream and prevent you from becoming a mother.

  • Myth: IVF is the only way to treat infertility.

Truth: Aren’t you an eligible candidate for IVF? Don’t worry! If one door gets closed, that doesn’t mean all doors get closed for you, says the proficient IVF doctor at Babies & Us. You can reach the beautiful destination of motherhood by walking on some other path like IUI treatment, which is another effective fertility treatment.

  • Myth: IVF is not for fat people.

Truth: Obesity isn’t an obstacle to your dream of becoming a mother! Even if you are obese, you can still undergo IVF treatment successfully and become a proud mother.

  • There is a myth that IVF makes people more likely to get cancer.
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Truth: IVF does not make people more likely to get cancer. But yes, it makes them more likely to get the biggest happiness of their life- their child, believes the IVF specialist at Babies & Us, a leading IVF centre in Mumbai.

Many people don’t want to have IVF treatment in Mumbai because of the negative myths about it. These myths stop people from experiencing the joy of being a parent. Getting past the myths about IVF is essential to make your dream of having a child come true.


Hope this article helped you break the myths about IVF treatment by telling you the truth about it. IVF myths not only hinder us from seeing the truth but also hinder us from seeing our dreams come true. They stop our dreams from becoming real. To see the truth and make our dreams come true, we need to break through the myths. It is essential to know the truth about IVF if you want to have a child.

So, now as the wall of myths has been broken and the reality about IVF is no longer unknown and hidden, it is time to embrace IVF and no longer run away from it.

Embracing IVF is the key to embracing one’s dream of becoming a mother!

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit Babies & Us, the top IVF centre in Mumbai, to get the best IVF treatment and make your dream of achieving motherhood a reality!

IVF is a step that takes you closer to your dream of motherhood!


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