Dr. SS Bhatti Launches an Insightful Memoir

Chandigarh’s ‘Mr Versatility’ added another feather to his cap with the launch of his latest book, ‘Shiv Datt Sharma: Life and Work’ which draws upon Le Corbusier’s classification of City-Functions and the categorization of Shiv Datt Sharma’s oeuvre into three phases in which his professional career developed steadily


Dr. SS Bhatti Launches an Insightful Memoir: Intended and written as a reference book, ‘Shiv Datt Sharma: Life and Work’ published by White Falcon Publishing, points out how architectural creativity in facing diverse challenges intrinsic to various Building-Types, classified under the Functions of Living, Working, and Care of Body & Spirit, was ingeniously adapted by Shiv Datt Sharma to retain its essential vibrancy of freshness and modernism, uncompromisingly.

Dr. SS Bhatti Launches an Insightful Memoir

Former Principal of Chandigarh College of Architecture, Dr SS Bhatti had Media Interaction at Le Corbusier Centre, Sector 19 on his latest book, ‘Shiv Datt Sharma: Life and Work’ that was launched today at Punjab Raj Bhawan Chandigarh by Shri VP Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab and UT Administrator.

While extending his gratitude towards Dr Bhatti, Shiv Datt Sharma said, “I know Dr SS Bhatti ever since 1961, when he joined on day one of Chandigarh College of Architecture as a lecturer. He is an intensely inquisitive mind with an indomitable will and a passion to always put his best foot forward. I am highly grateful to have crossed roads with him and I am truly indebted to him for this insightful memoir.”

 “Architecture is an inescapable psycho-social art whose significance can be best understood via Hindu Mythology. Lord Vishwakarma, the celestial architect, created the universe without which the Leela [divine sport] of our principal gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh would not have been possible. Architecture is a Spirit that never dies. When in active use, it is the Matrix of Civilisation. When in ruins, it is the tell-tale narrative of civilisations long past and dead,” shared Dr Bhatti while talking about his motivation for taking up Sharma’s work for documentation, research, and evaluation.

“Many of his buildings are 30-40 years old but they have not become dated—they yet retain their novelty and freshness. Though Shiv Datt Sharma was formally trained as an architect at Delhi Polytechnic, it was his winsome creativity that flourished to full blossom by virtue of his on-site learning under the four Masters of Modern Architecture. A praiseworthy fact is that he has scaled enviable height of professional glory by the incredible power of his architectural creativity without the help of godfathers,” Dr Bhatti further added.

The book highlights how Shiv Datt Sharma had learnt about Le Corbusier from his books and cultivated a work-culture of yogic self-denial. It stands testament to a splendid work of profound scholarship by virtue of which it promises to become a valuable addition to private and public libraries.

Excellent photographs by Suresh Kumar of Indiano Studio, Sector 17, Chandigarh, which support the text with architectural drawings, have enhanced the book-design.

“Students, teachers, researchers, and administrators in the field of Architectural Education will also find it a rich resource for learning the whys and wherefores of architectural creativity—its complexity, its joy, and its contribution to the making of a healthy, happy, and inspiring built environment,” Dr Bhatti concluded with a satisfied smile on his face.

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