‘Early diagnosis of hearing loss must for better treatment’


‘Early diagnosis of hearing loss must for better treatment’: The ENT Department of Fortis Hospital, Mohali here today conducted a Parent Orientation Program for those children who have undergone Cochlear Implant.

‘Early diagnosis of hearing loss must for better treatment’

The program was attended by parents and children who have been implanted by Dr. Ashok K Gupta, Director ENT/Otorhinolaryngology. Dr. Gupta has done more than 800 Cochlear Implants.

Dr. Gupta emphasized the need of Cochlear Implant Surgery in children with severe to profound hearing loss. The incidence of deafness shows that four in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. Early diagnosis of the hearing loss results in early intervention.

The best possible treatment one can make for one’s loved one is by providing the ability to hear the world with the help of a cochlear implant which is not possible with hearing aids. He also quoted that success in Cochlear Implant Surgery is dependent on many factors like right candidate selection, appropriate evaluation & good quality of implant in addition to surgical technique.

Now a days there are various audiological tests which help in detection of hearing loss in new born babies. One of the most widely used is Oto Acoustic Emissions. As per Government of India every new born child should be screened for hearing loss.

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Children detected with hearing loss should be assessed completely and then advised for the best possible options available. Dr. Gupta said that a team work is required for any implant centre to work. He also emphasized the parents to be aware of and look for following facilities before getting their child implanted.

‘Early diagnosis of hearing loss must for better treatment’

Firstly, a centre with an experienced Cochlear Implant Surgeon. Secondly, a centre with complete Audiological and Radiological facilities. Thirdly, where post implant rehabilitation can be taken care of which is one of the most important factor. As per him there are many centres in the country which after implantation do not take care of the post rehabilitation , resulting in less or poor prognosis. Dr. Gupta also added that we are trying our level best to provide all these services to our patients under one roof.

The Orientation Program aimed at training the parents on optimal use of hearing through the implantable device to develop listening and communication skills of their children, care and maintenance of the device, parent interaction and spreading awareness about the best possible treatment options available for children with severe to profound hearing loss.

The program focused on educating the parents on their roles and responsibilities in the process of Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation, and become more independent in incorporating the ideas/strategies in their day to day conversation with their children.

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Parents of children who attended the program found it to be very informative as they were able to clear all their doubts and requested for such programs in future.  


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