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Essilor India Brings the Iconic Crizal Transitions Graphite Green Lens This Summer

  • The iconic transitions graphite green not only enhances visual clarity and perception, but also brings a sense of style to normally  photochromic lenses


NewZNew (New Delhi) : Essilor, the world’s leading spectacle lens manufacturer, is revolutionizing the photochromic lens market in India with its new iconic Crizal Transitions graphite green lens this summer.

The leading innovator in the optical lens field has partnered Transitions Optical to launch the new Crizal Transitions® SignatureTM VII lenses in a graphite green color, the iconic color of style inspired by the U.S. Navy pilot eyeglasses from the 1950s.

Crizal Transitions Signature VII lenses in graphite green were developed using two technologies: Chromatic Color Adaptation technology and Chromea7TM technology. Chromatic Color Adaptation technology is a method used to evaluate tinted and photochromic lenses. Chromea7 technology is a breakthrough molecular formulation which enables the lenses to be more responsive to changes in light outdoors, reduce glare and enhance contrast to reduce eye fatigue and strain and get even darker in higher temperatures.

Using a special dye formulation, these new lenses provide natural vision and true color perception in a variety of light conditions. They also complement many frame styles and colors, giving you a remarkable look of your own from classic to cutting-edge.

Photochromic lenses are widely used by people across the world, including in India, to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun and reflective surfaces. However, not all photochromic lenses provide natural, distortion-free vision under variable light conditions.

Viewing the world through Crizal Transition Signature VII graphite green lenses gives much more natural and superior vision, with enhanced contrast and color perception, without any of the usual compromises associated with standard tinted lenses. Compared to a traditional tinted lens, the graphite green provides a highly accurate color representation due to the patented “Chromatic Color Adaption Technology”.

“Our Transitions Signature VII lenses in graphite green not only enhance vision, but also bring a sense of style to traditional photo chromatic lenses.  These lenses offer a retro look, but modern and stylish all the same. The lenses are constructed on a technology that makes them more responsive to a range of lighting and temperature conditions, giving the user super quick adaptability when moving from darker to brighter conditions and vice versa,” says Mr. P Ramachandran, Group COO, Essilor India.

Crizal Transition Signature VII graphite green lenses are the most adaptive and responsive lens that you can get for your daily visual needs. It adapts quickly to changing light conditions so one can enjoy the crisp and true color vision without noticing the change in tint.

The gray-green lens color was originally developed based on research inputs that showed how human eyes respond differently to various colors in the visual spectrum. The gray-green lenses were then formulated to emphasize certain colors to help pilots locate and track objects against a variety of outdoor backgrounds such as earth, sky and water.

They are more reactive to bright sun, partial sun and indirect light-such as light reflected from buildings, cars etc. Graphite Green lenses gives you the best light control technology available. They have an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25+, meaning your eyes are protected 25 times more than ordinary lenses.

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