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Expanding Horizons Breaks New Ground With ‘New Teaching System’


NewZNew (Chandigarh) :  Dr. Devender Balhara, popularly known as Dr Dev, who is a Phd in Physics and is also father of Yashasvi Balhara, known as India’s Wonder Kid, has launched a unique and epoch creating alternative system of education under the banner of ‘Expanding Horizons’ in Sector 38 C, Chandigarh. A pioneering effort not just in the region but also in the country, the path-breaking teaching & learning methodology is the result of 8 years of intensive research by Dr Dev, as well as implementation of the system on students, proclaimed to be academically weak by the traditional school education system. The system is also proving to be a blessing for imparting boarding school entry training.

The announcement of launch was made at Chandigarh by Dr Balhara who was flanked by the famous Yashasvi Balhara also known as Jahnvi Pawar Wonder girl from Samalkha, Haryana.

Dr Balhara said that training by this method has produced child prodigies who were present at the media meet. Said Dr Dev, who is Managing Director of ‘Expanding Horizons’ which is the umbrella organization rolling out the alternative system, “My methodology is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory under which we quantify quotients like IQ, AQ, CQ and EQ as every child is different. After which, an analysis of the child’s acquiring style & learning method is done. While in the traditional schooling format, a teacher has a fixed method irrespective of the child’s unique capabilities we give tailor made solutions which turn around the student’s academic ability. I teach a child how he or she should study.”

At the event ‘Dr Dev’s Challenge Programme’ was also made public. Under this, applications will be invited from all schools of tricity; after analyzing the applications lowest scorers of respective classes will be selected. Adds Dr Balhara, “We will be providing free training to the Economically Weaker Students amongst those selected.  The names of toppers of the respective sections of the selected students will also be taken and after one year or completion of training the students will compete with the toppers and this will reveal the real impact of the system’s effectiveness.”

Apart from the 4 innate quotients kids’ personality traits, brain dominance, learning modalities, acquiring sensitivities are also evaluated and then the teaching methodology is adopted. Depending on these traits career counseling is also conducted for those who are in a dilemma of selecting professional streams.Those parents who wish to help their children in selecting right career options can also approach Expanding Horizons. Said Mr. J K Sharma, Kautaliya Pandit’s Grand Father, “Dr Balhara specializes in this very novel system. He gives proper guidance & programmes the brain. My son Kautaliya is also a product of the very superior psychological & academic methodology unveiled today.”

The education style also provides good insights into what actually a child is made out for and by the time a child enters class IX and has undergone the mind training the student knows his or her  potential. Media persons were told at the press meet that the best age for the training is up-to 16 years. With the entry of this revolutionary education there might come a day when there are no so called dull minds as even children who have got this tag are sure to become geniuses.

CP Singh
CP Singh
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