Farmers & business visitors throng International Pavillion at CII Agro Tech 2014


International Exhibitors Upbeat about the Growing Opportunities in India

10 countries including Canada, Italy, Israel, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, South Africa, The Netherlands and Russia are the international participants this year

NewZNew (Punjab/Haryana) : Thousands of farmers and hundreds of business visitors from the region visited and were immensely impressed with the display of new technologies and advanced products at international pavilion of CII Agro Tech 2014.  Today India is at the crossroads of international business, and is also one amongst the biggest agricultural countries of the world. It is thus to tap the wide potential available in the country that more than 10 countries are participating at CII Agro Tech 2014 including Canada, Italy, Israel, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, South Africa, The Netherlands and Russia are the international participants this year; the expo is also host to industry delegations from Gambia and New Zealand. This is a reflection of growing international interest in Indian agriculture and paves a way for greater cooperation across the international agri business frontiers for India.

Food Grader from France

Farmers are really getting attracted to the newly launched food grader machine POMONE by MAF Roda Group, a French company. It can handle fruit and vegetables of a wide variety of sizes and shapes with substantial increase in efficiency.

Hydraulic brake system from the land of La Tomatino

Hydraulic Brake cylinders, Trailer Brake valves, S6 Power brake valves and Priority valves from SAFIM SPA, a leading company producing hydraulic components for industrial vehicle braking is a major hit amongst the farmers as well. Brake Cylinders are multi-function cylinder designed to operate lever-type mechanical brakes with double functions service brake and parking brake.

For small and marginal farmers, Grimme from Germany has brought two machinery-Grimme Planter of the GL 30-ECO- series and GF- series Rotary Hiller at CII Agro Tech 2014. GL 30- ECO- series planters are ideal for small farms requiring low maintenance.

Mr Patrick Grote, CEO, Grimme shared that “We are very pleased with the huge response at CII Agro Tech. This is our first visit to the exhibition and we would certainly visit in future as well. We have brought two products related to planter technology for the Indian customers”.

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Another major attraction at CII Agro Tech is the Power Transmission machines from Italy. Carraro, an Italian company has launched three products in India – T4.0 Agricultural Transaxle, T5.0 Agricultural Transaxle, and T10.0 Agricultural Transaxle. T10.0 Agricultural Transaxle offers synchronised reverser thus ensuring easy and rapid reversal where maneuvering space is narrow best suited for orchards. Another Italian company,Oerlikon is displaying four products, which are launched for the first time in India. The company has also displayed its CVT chain Transmission for 40-60 HP Compact Tractors which have high efficiency thanks to its mechanical torque split scheme and optimised control of variator device.

Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world with a wide range of farm products. The Canadian Pavilion at CII Agro Tech 2014 comprising 14 stalls are exhibiting their engineering expertise in the field of agriculture.

Saskatchewan, a Canadian province is participating for the first time at CII Agro Tech through the Ministry of Economy, Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) to explore business opportunities in the field of agriculture and also invite Indian businessmen setup their businesses in the province.

In the field of Green Processing, Quantum Mechanical Technology Inc (QMTI) from Canada has brought latest technologies for tie ups and B2B partnerships in India.

“We are here to develop business relations with pulse, grain supply or food processing companies through licensing agreements or the sale and implementation of technology”, shared Dr J MihaelDrabiuk, CEO, QMTI.

Sharing his views on the leading biennial agro fair, Mr. Curtis Braaten, President, Haspak Central, Canada, expressed great hope of intensifying ties between the two countries through the agriculture sector. “India is full of opportunities and currently one of the key markets for Canada after North America. We are here to explore the possibilities with Punjab University among other agri universities to set up a formidable research which will be highly beneficial for both countries. Being the largest emerging market, there is a huge scope for the sector and we would like to contribute in the most meaningful way possible to pave way for better practices in the two nations.”

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Elena Yatsenko, Director of International Development, Natural Resources, Russia, finds it exciting to be able to share their information with “High quality and informed visitors at CII Agro Tech 2014”. Ms. Yatsenko said “It is a great platform to help the international farming community to meet the desired audiences. India is a great market and offers immense opportunities to help grow our businesses and the great focus of the country towards its agriculture sector further opens up the doors for the international farming community. “

Ms. Stella, Communications Head, Graziano Transmissioni Pvt. Ltd., Italy, said “We, as a country and the company, expect greater ties with the farming community of the two countries. If in any way we are able to connect the two communities and have a consistent dialogue through such platforms, it will help develop better understanding among the two communities. The company has already established its presence through setting up two plants and with the growing openness of India, it will create better opportunities for the knowledge sharing.”

Some of the other interesting features of CII Agro Tech 2014 include Interesting live display of Automatic Feed System for Poultry and Dairy Farm Development Mobile Vans at Livestock Expo, Live display of Fish Farming, Food Tech with interesting display of ‘Vito’ Oil Filtration System, Interesting displays on Integrated Agri Business Model for Waste Land Development and benefits derived from Paddy Straw Composting, Live display of Soilless Farming (Hydroponics) and functional Solar Pump, Animal Identification system (RFIDs), cooling solutions for Livestock, Veterinary homoeopath products, Implementex displaying digital panel for Tractors and Solar Energy Systems, Proposal to launch newer & efficient model of tractors and display of foldable water tank, Rice Transplanters, Vertical Garden at Good Earth Show.

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Key highlights of 11th CII Agro Tech 2014:

  • The only integrated agri show in India that is a convergence point for Indian and international agri community; to be organised from 22 to 25 November 2014 at Chandigarh
  • Supported by Ministry of Agriculture, MOFPI
  • Total Exhibitors – 162 , including  36 international exhibitors
  • Over 200 new product launches expected
  • 50000 farmers expected, 75000 total visitors expected
  • Host States: Punjab & Haryana
  • Focus State : Uttarakhand
  • Participating State : Uttar Pradesh
  • Participation of 36 overseas companies from 10 countries including Canada, Italy, Israel, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, South Africa, The Netherlands and Russia. South Africa is participating for the first time in the event.
  • Is a reflection of growing international interest in Indian agriculture
  • Participation of major agricultural states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
  • Farmers @ the core of CII Agro Tech
  • Delegation from Gambia and New Zealand
  • Farmers from the northern states to visit and interact with exhibitors and also learn best practices-Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir. Farmers from other states also expected to visit
  • Dairy farmer delegation – NDRI and PDDB
  • Saffron Growers from J&K

About CII Agro Tech

Agro Tech, since its inception in 1994 has been CII’s flagship agri event. Under eminent leadership, each edition of this show has grown exponentially. Agro Tech works as an ideal interaction platform between the Farm Producers and the Agro Industry. By creating linkages for value creation and value addition, the exhibition offers varied business opportunities to the technology holders as well as practical learning to the technology users. The fair is the umbrella brand for several focused concurrent shows that have evolved with changing situations; the main being agri inputs, farm machinery, food processing & management, livestock, farmer services etc.


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