Nirankari Samagam: A Round up



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Sh S.S. Banga ji-Mukhi, Sector-15 Area discussed about the three days Annual Sant Nirankari Samagam held in New Delhi while addressing a congregation of devotees at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Sector-30, Chandigarh.

Sh Banga ji further briefed that while religion is under strain and earning disgrace due to the hatred and violence prevailing in its name here, there and everywhere; the Sant Nirankari Mission, a global spiritual movement presented a beautiful example of its true definition as Religion of Humanity. Lakhs of devotees of the Mission assembled from all parts of the country and overseas in Delhi and showed to the world that the whole mankind can co-exist peacefully as a single global family provided every human being is spiritually enlightened.

The Mission’s 3-day 67th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam which can easily be called the largest spiritual get-together of the year in the Capital, concluded on Monday with a very powerful message of Harmony in Oneness. Devotees showed to the world that diversities of language, dress and culture, religion, caste or colour will fail to distance man from man provided they realize the oneness of God.

A spiritually enlightened person perceives God dwelling in all in the form of soul and finds that all are linked with him and he is linked with all. He understands that people belonging to different religions may address God by different names, worship Him in different ways, believe in different Gurus and Prophets, read and recite different holy scriptures, but the Supreme Entity they mention is one and the same. Hence believers of one religion have no reason to fight with those of another. The Samagam proved that they all can share the same forum and live together with the universal spirit of unity in diversity.

The Samagam also revealed that the truth of oneness of God cannot be realized by mere reading and reciting holy books. We need a perfect spiritual master who must reveal God to us, make us united with the Almighty. And the faith and devotion of the participants towards His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj manifested that he was their True Master. One could find his grace, his spiritual benevolence rendering the whole atmosphere fragrant with sweet smell of love, affection and cooperation. Devotees were overwhelmed with joy and felt blessed to see the Master and listen to his holy discourses. They were grateful to Baba Ji for showing them the right path and teaching the art of living that made life happy, prosperous and blissful.

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The Samagam began with a colourful procession. Saints connected with preaching and other activities of the Mission and thousands of other devotees led Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and his gracious spouse Pujya Mata Sawinder Ji up to the dais in the Satsang Pandal. While Baba Ji and Pujya Mata Ji were standing in a beautifully decorated open vehicle and greeting the devotees, the latter were shouting slognas to welcome them.

Thereafter, the Samagam was inaugurated by His Holiness with a Message to Mankind. Baba Ji said that all saints, Gurus and prophets since ages have preached the oneness of this Supreme Entity – God, irrespective of its numerous names used by followers of different religious faiths. He said that it is to highlight and stress the same message that this Samagam has been given the theme – Harmony in Oneness. Let us know the One, believe in One and be one. Oneness of God can easily knit mankind into one single world family, all living in harmony, in peaceful ex-existence. There will be no distance, no discrimination between man and man.

His Holiness said that God is the supreme source of human values such as love, compassion, tolerance, large-heartedness, humility, patience, goodwill and forgiveness. Once man is united with God, all these qualities enter his life automatically. In fact, man can be called man in real sense only if he adopts the true religion of humanity based on human values and embracing one and all.

Later in the evening Baba Ji again blessed the devotees with his holy discourse and said that all saints, Gurus and prophets preached oneness of man through oneness of God. They cherished mankind to live with the spirit of love and unity. While Lord Jesus Christ ordained ‘Love thy neighbour’, Kabir Ji talked about love in Hindi – Prem, as a small word made of two and a half letters which can make man worthy of reverence. Man, however, has confined himself to mere reading and reciting what saints and sages wrote; he did not adopt their teachings in life. That is why he has been harming himself as well as others.

Baba Ji said that history reveals that man has been trying to establish uniformity by force. But what we need is unity in diversity. Just look at Nature. We see the sun, the moon and other planets. Our own planet – Earth has mountains, plains, forests and other diversities of landscape. They all make this universe, this earth beautiful. They lose their beauty only when man fails to appreciate it. Similarly, diversities of language, dress and culture make the world beautiful but we make them a reason to divide us, create distance between man and man simply because we fail to appreciate the beauty and then realize the cord of unity, the all-pervading Almighty Nirankar.

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The Samagam’s second day began with a massive colourful Sewadal Rally. Thousands of men and women in their respective uniforms, from India and abroad, participated. The Rally was marked by P.T. Parade, physical formations and games highlighting selfless service to humanity as ordained by Satguru. Some of the items related to Harmony in Oneness, the principal theme of the Samagam. Sewadal volunteers also remembered Nirankari Rajmata Kulwant Kaur Ji who motivated women to join Sewadal and render selfless service towards the Mission as well as humanity. The Sewadal volunteers rededicated themselves to serve humanity through selfless service and sought strength and ability from Satguru so that they can render their service in future also.

Blessing the Rally, His Holiness said that Sewa is an important aspect of devotion to God. Sewadal volunteers are always ready to serve others even while fulfilling their responsibilities towards family and society. They see the same spark of divine flame in every human being and serve them without any discrimination. Baba Ji said that besides serving fellow devotees in local Satsang programmes and big Samagams, Sewadal volunteers here are always ready to participate in social welfare activities like blood donation, eye check-up camps etc. and rescue and rehabilitation measures during natural calamities.

Later, towards the conclusion of the open session in the evening, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj repeated a quotation from the relics of the Berlin Wall and said ‘this world is too small for walls’. He said India is known for the numerous saints and sages, Gurus and prophets who appeared on its soil. All preached against caste discriminations. But unfortunately it is India which has suffered the most because of this factor.

Baba Ji said that whenever saints preached the message of Truth in the past, they were misunderstood and made to suffer. They had to bear atrocities and sacrifice their lives. And the time came when the world realized that they were right, the truth was on their side. Let us, therefore, learn from history and at least now follow their teachings in true sense.

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The highlight of the third and the final day was a multi-lingual poetic symposium. The theme in Hindi was: Ekatwa Se Sadbhav Banega, Sunder Ye Sansar Banega i.e., Harmony in Oneness will make this world beautiful. Twenty-three poets presented their poems in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English, Haryanvi and Multani.

Later in his holy discourses, Baba Ji said that there is no dearth of religious believers, but unfortunately they take only rituals to be the all and the end all of their faith. Saints, Gurus and prophets since ages have pointed out that mere repeating the name of God or reading and reciting holy scriptures does not make you truly religious. Humanity is the true religion. It is established when you know God and see the same spark of divine light in every human body in the form of soul.

His Holiness said that this is a revolution which must come in the life of one and all as early as possible because this will make each human being love the other. The delay will mean only to encourage negative feelings of hatred, jealously and violence. Baba Ji said that love has become a scarce commodity while sweet fragrance will come only from love and devotion. And this is the art of living taught by all spiritual Baba Ji repeated an Urdu couplet which means that the whole life is insufficient for love, from where do people find time for hatred? Let us adopt love and go on distributing it. Let us remember that every breath of ours is precious. We must devote every moment of life to promote love, peace and understanding.

His Holiness said that man is proud to have made material achievements. But it is also true that even the weapons to annihilate humanity have been invented by man. That is why man is fighting on earth as well as in sky. Baba Ji said that the beautiful atmosphere of love and cooperation with all its sweet fragrance established in these grounds in the past three days must be established in every nook and corner of the world.


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