Feel Pain of Women Who Are Morally Policed: Gauahar Khan


Gauhar Khan

NewZNew (Mumbai) : Actress Gauahar Khan, who was slapped by a man on a reality show for “wearing short skirts,” has said that while she is not promoting any kind of dress code, no one had the right to hurt, torture or attack anybody. Gauahar’s attacker, a man named Akil Malik, slapped the actress as she was hosting the final episode of India’s Raw Star, in front of an audience of 2,500 and 250 bouncers.

Highlights from her interview:

If Actresses are under the radar of such mindsets what about the safety of common man

This loser does not represent my beautiful faith which means peace and submission

I’m not here to promote any kind of dress code

I’m only here to say no one has the right to hurt torture or attack anybody

Fully trust the judicial system of our country

I feel the pain of all women who has to go through any kind of moral policing

I completed the shoot post the attack only to send a message to all girls that you continue with your head held high

I know that this man does not represent the youth of India

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