Fifth Blood Donation Camp Organized in Hallmark Public School


Chief Guest was Mrs Hema Sharma, Additional Deputy Commissioner


NewZNew (Panchkula) : According to the standards of World Health Organization, India needs one crore units of blood in a year, whereas the available amount is just 75 lakh  units. Thus, due to the lack of 25 lakh units of blood, hundreds of patients die every year.

246 people registered and 177 donated blood at fifth annual blood donation camp organized in Hallmark. All the donors and the children who encouraged them were honoured. This camp was organized with the best standards under the supervision of Dr Manish Rai, Rotary Blood Bank Chandigarh. Mr Sunil Talwar, Deputy Mayor of Panchkula was also seen encouraging the children.

The chief guest, additional deputy commissioner Mrs Hema Sharma while admiring Hallmark’s effort said that everybody should try to spread awareness about the blood donation in the country, but these efforts can only be successful when we come forward to donate blood on our own and inspire our friends and relatives for the same.

A number of blood donation camps are organized daily, but Hallmark has done it in a unique manner. The efforts to make this camp a success already began to be made 10 days before the camp. The children, in an special assembly, presented a skit  to demonstrate the significance of blood donation. Then the posters on the importance of blood donation were pasted in the entire school and the over energized children inspired their family members and their friends to donate blood and they also took the resolution to do the same in the future.

Director of hallmark Public School Mr Jivtesh Garg said that 59 percent of blood donation is done voluntarily, we are making every possible effort to make our children the future blood donors. We have been making the people to donate 170 units of blood every year for last five years.

 Blood donation is life saving. The blood donated by us save a number of lives. We realize this when one of our dear ones fights with the death needs blood. Then we wake up and struggle to make arrangements of the blood.

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Anyone of us can meet an accident or suffer from diseases. Nowadays, all of us are the citizens of an educated and cultural society wherein people not only think about their own well being, but also help others. So why shouldn’t we participate in blood donation camps and give lives to others.

Mrs Kavita Wadhwa, Principal of Hallmark public school said that the children of Hallmark presented a skit in the assembly, made posters and inspired their families and friends about blood donation. We are determined to make the children of Hallmark the blood donors of the future so that nobody loses his or her life because of the lack of blood.

Who can donate blood:

  • Any healthy person whose age is between 18 to 68 years.
  • Whose weight is more than 45 kilograms.
  • Who has more than 12 percent of hemoglobin in his blood.


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