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FirstTimeVoter, a youth startup announces ‘Delhi Dialogues’ 
F is an exciting start-up catering to youth and politics - ‘Delhi Dialogues’ – a parliamentary debate for youth focused on issues facing Delhi 

FirstTimeVoter, a youth startup announces ‘Delhi Dialogues’:, a youth-focused startup, started by Kartikeya Goel, a student of DPS Vasant Kunj has announced ‘Delhi Dialogues’ to discuss and debate issues facing National Capital Region Delhi.

“Politics is the heart and soul of a nation. Just imagine, yesterday it was CAA, tomorrow it is the budget. These are exciting times to be in India. But, for various reasons, the youth is kept away from good politics. Therefore, we have created the National Youth Parliament (NYP)

A platform for modern youth to come and discuss political issues before our society in a dispassionate manner. Delhi Dialogues is an extension of NYP to discuss and deliberate on key challenges in the state of Delhi”, said Kartikeya.

The finals of ‘Delhi Dialogues” is scheduled on 31st January 2020, where students selected from preliminary rounds held at various places in the city shall be participating to debate on issues such as full statehood of Delhi, pollution and economic growth, internet as a fundamental right as well as the hotly debated and contentious Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

“As a young nation, we believe, youth is the future of this country and therefore, we have undertaken the job of mainstreaming socio-political discussions amongst youth in a mature manner. Our debates follow the parliamentary discussion format. So far, we have seen excellent participation and we are hopeful that the NYP platform shall pave way for future politicians in the state of Delhi and India”, said Rohan Mahajan, Secretary-General of National Youth Parliament Organisation.

The participants of Delhi Dialogues include school students, university students, drop-outs as well as young start-ups. “The excitement for the event is palpable given the relevance of topics as well as exciting prizes and recognition”, said Ameya Vikram, a recent graduate from Delhi University. The organizers have announced a cash prize of Rupees One Lakh to be distributed amongst winners and runners up.

Know More About FirstTimeVoter.Org is a neutral and apolitical platform to encourage and involve the first time voters in the nation-building. Driven by this mission, the portal reaches out to the first time voters to actively participate in the electoral process in order to build India of their dreams. Determined to make a meaningful difference, Kartikeya Goel, a student of Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, has started this initiative with the firm belief that election determines the future of a country. His clarion call to the first time voters – come forward, vote and be the change. The core values of this platform are liberty, equality and fraternity.

For more information about the admission process, visit the website

For any queries, please contact: Masroor Lodi 8130596779 / 0124-4239588 [email protected]

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