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Fortis Hospital Mohali conducts multiple rare cardiac procedures on a one-week-old infant

Performs Valvuloplasty (balloon dilatation of stenotic valve) and temporary pacemaker implantation on the third day and a permanent pacemaker implantation on fourth day of life


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Showcasing yet another case of enhanced medical excellence, the paediatric cardiology team at Fortis Hospital, Mohali successfully conducted three cardiac procedures on a newborn within the first week of birth. The baby’s mother, while she was at 32 weeks of her pregnancy, was admitted at the hospital with a fetal diagnosis (while the baby was still inside the mother’s womb) of congenital complete heart block (a block within the electric circuit of the heart where the heart rate is too low to sustain survival), critical stenosis of pulmonary valve (one of the heart valves was too tight to allow proper functioning of the heart) and baby’s heart was failing because of these lesions. According to data, the incidence of heart block is 1 in 22000 live births and valve stenosis is 8 in 10000 live births. The critical surgery was performed by the outstanding team of paediatric doctors led by Dr T S Mahant, Executive Director – CTVS, Fortis Hospital Mohali and Dr. Rajat Kumar Gupta, Paediatric Cardiologist, , Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Dr Rajat Gupta said, “The mother consulted us at 32nd week of her pregnancy after the foetus diagnosis. It was apparent that the baby won’t be able to make it to the full term pregnancy, so, we decided to deliver the baby and treat the cardiac ailments on urgent basis so as to give him best possible chance of survival.”

The baby was delivered by caesarean section and immediately shifted to neonatal ICU under the care of Dr Sunil K. Agrawal, Senior Consultant – Neonatology, where a thorough evaluation was done. The congenital blockage and the critical stenosis of pulmonary valve would’ve led to an impending heart failure. Dr Agrawal & Dr Gupta and their teams intervened at a crucial time to save the life of the foetus. Dr Swapna Misra, Senior Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Fortis Hospital Mohali, carried out the complicated caesarean section.


Gurinder Malhotra, mother of Nivaan said, “It is heart breaking for a mother to discover that the life growing inside her is facing such a grave danger. The doctors told us that the chances of his survival are low. However, I trusted them completely to do their best possible for my baby. Also our baby proved that he was determined to live. The team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mohali have been the most supportive and I would like to thank them once again for giving my child a new life.”

The newborn underwent a balloon dilatation of his stenotic valve, which is called Valvuloplasty and temporary pacemaker on the third day of birth. It became the most challenging part for the team of doctors as the baby was underweight. A permanent pacemaker implantation was done on fourth day of life by Dr Mahant and his team. The baby recovered after the surgery and was discharged on the 23rd day of his life.

Critical steps that were taken for the surgery

Step 1: Balloon valvuloplasty, to open a narrowed heart valve

Step 2: A temporary pacemaker, placed on the third day of life

Step 3: A permanent pacemaker, placed on fourth day of life

Mr Ashish Bhatia, Regional Director (North), Fortis Healthcare Ltd. further added, “Every life is important and when it is an infant, the responsibility increases manifold. Procedures like these require high level of technical skills especially in a newborn underweight baby but with the availability of advanced technique, high skills and knowledge of physicians and surgeons in the field of paediatric cardiology, survival rates have improved and positive outcomes are possible even in newborns with congenital heart defects. I am proud of Dr Gupta and our exceptional team of paediatricians here at Fortis who succeeded in this difficult feat.”

Fortis Hospital Mohali has performed a number of critical paediatric surgeries to its credit. The able team of doctors led by Dr Mahant are the finest when it comes to saving lives of a number of newborns. However, this particular case was a first of its kind in the region. This radical surgery has given the newborn a chance at life which looked highly unlikely earlier. As he grows up, the baby will require routine checkups and a good lifestyle to ensure that he lives a long and healthy life.


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