IMA Study thumbs up Kent RO purifiers for its state of the art multi stage water filtration process


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A study conducted by Indian Medical Association (IMA) on the different available drinking water resources has revealed that boiling is not a solution to purify drinking water as boiling does not remove the soluble impurities present in the water. The independent study conducted by IMA to check the purity levels of boiled water, tap water and that which has been passed through Kent RO’s  RO+UV (Reverse Osmosis + Ultra-Violet) technology stated that “dangerous bacillus anthrax, tetanus, gas gangrene spores may not be killed by boiling water . Even boiling cant remove chemicals requiring boiling point 100 degree centigrade or heavy metal contaminants, however, a combination of RO+UV is better than each method of water purification alone.


The study was conducted on leading water purifier company Kent’s RO purifiers. The technology invested by Kent RO systems, has now been scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria, dissolved impurities, cysts, pesticides, spores, and viruses which would otherwise be present if the water was just boiled. Kent RO has long emphasized upon its facts, that the RO+UV technology it uses in its drinking water systems, has been proven to make drinking water safer by the removal of many impurities which would otherwise causes problems such as diarrhea, and even the dreaded basicallus anthrax and tetanus and gangrene spores.

The finding of the study, further impetus the India’s apex body of medical practitioners and professionals to initiate a programme to educate masses on safe drinking water.

Mr Mahesh Gupta, an IITian and founder of Kent’s mineral RO technology said, unfortunately people at large are not aware of dissolved impurities like arsenic in the water which are silent killers. The recent reports of parliamentary panel states 74 lakhs people in India are effected with one or some disease due to consuming water having excess arsenic.

“It took us years to invent a technology suitable for all type of water purifications irrespective of the source of water. Just one single purifier is capable of removing arsenic, lead, rust, bacteria and viruses and all types of impurities causing serious diseases like cancer, diarrhea etc.” added Mr Gupta

Invented by Mr Mahesh Gupta the patented RO +UV water purification technology by Kent is one of the best available technology to purifier any type of water irrespective of any source. The technology has already received certification from world’s best labs including NSF USA, WQA, ISI etc. And, now after the certification from IMA this technology once again determined the leadership position of Kent RO across India.

 According to the IMA study, some of the major findings have been:

  • Diarrhea causing cysts may not be killed, unless water is boiled for one whole minute.
  • The dangerous Bacillus Anthrax may not be killed by boiling* of water.
  • Tetanus and Gas Gangrene spores may not be killed by boiling of water.
  • A combination of RO+UV is better than each method alone.
  • RO removes dissolved impurities, UF removes bacteria and cysts, UV kills harmful organisms, and TDS control retains the natural healthy mineral content of the water.
  • Filtered, RO or UV treated water is safer for human consumption.
  • Kent RO’s technology using RO + UV treatment eliminates bacteria, dissolved impurities, cysts, pesticides, spores, and viruses. It’s a double purification process, which is more effective in purifying water, if used as a combination instead of being used independently and makes water purer than boiling.