Fortis Medics successfully treatover 5000 quake victims in Nepal


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The team of doctors and medical care professionals from Fortis Healthcare Limited (Fortis) has treated and vaccinated more than 5000 victims affected by the horrific serial earthquakes that struck Nepal earlier this month. The team was among the first to reach the interiors of Nepal, crisscrossing difficult terrain and putting their personal lives at risk. They carried with them over 3.5 tonnes of medical supplies, essential medicines and basic daily necessities to provide emergency help to the quake victims.

Team Fortis SEWA has been working with the Nepalese Army to mount relief operations where they have been most needed and has had its hands full treating victims in the remote areas of Melamchi, Ranipauwa, Kakani, Najra, Godamchur in Lalitpur district, Debachaur, Sermathangat and ThampalDhap. Between Ranipauwa, an hour and half drive from Kathmandu, and Kakani, a hill station situated at 6700 feet.AtNajra, a sleepy hamlet which is a four hour drive from Kathmandu, the devastation was dreadful as almost every third house was razed to the ground. The team organised 9 OPDs at Najraand treated over 600 patients in a matter of just four hours. At Godamchur, many patientswere treated by the Fortis team for depression and shock. The devastation was almost complete in Debachaur where 155 people lost their lives. As many as 272 patients were treated here. At a picturesque village Sermathangat, the team treated and vaccinated over 150 people while atThampalDhap, another 480 were provided medical aid and treatment.

Fortis has rushed emergency medical supplies including antibiotics, anti-infectives, general medicines and medical sutures to take care of first line surgical stabilization.The team has received substantial logistical support from the Nepalese army in negotiating the quake hit areas.

The team of 25 doctors and medical support professionals include an Obstetrician, Orthopaedic and Trauma specialist and is led by Fortis’ Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ashish Bhatia. Commenting on the relief efforts, Mr Bhatia said, “We are probably the only healthcare team actually going from village to village. We have reached out to the remote areas not covered by previous rescue operations. In this way our work has been complementary to the other Indian, Czech and Japanese teams.  So, what we are doing is unique.”

Over the last several days, Fortis has distributed over three and a half tonnes of emergency medicines, tents, tarpaulin sheets, packaged food, first aid boxes, basic hygiene kits like diapers, soap, dental kits, water bottles and towels.

Mr. Jasbir Grewal, Executive Vice President, Fortis, said, “The medical team has been working tirelessly to help distressed people in need of medical attention caused by the quake. Our effort has been to reach out to the impacted population in the remote interiors and this has been reciprocated by the warmth of the locals. We are grateful to the Nepalese Army for their overwhelming support andfor our association with the local administration for their valuable help.”


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