Full Details on Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certification Assessment


Full Details on Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certification Assessment: The success behind getting the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification lies in the exam-takers’ ability to understand the topics to be evaluated very well.

Full Details on Microsoft Certified

Luckily, this accreditation requires candidates to pass only one exam coded AZ-900. However, many test-takers fail in getting the passing score in it because they didn’t understand properly what was expected from them. 


Therefore, downloading the blueprint of this test is the first step that any candidate should take if he/she wants to conquer the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge. Thus, this article will help you organize your training path and do the right things to ace AZ-900 from your first attempt. Are you ready to learn more?


FAQ on AZ-900 &Microsoft Credential for Azure Fundamentals 

As we already made it known, getting the above-mentioned badge requires candidates to pass AZ-900 exam first. Even though this accreditation includes only one test, the overall certification process is not as easy as it may seem. Thus, you should know all details of AZ-900 before you jump into taking it. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a set of questions and answers to help you understand everything you need to do to get the Microsoft credential for Azure Fundamentals.

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  • Which are the domains tested in AZ-900?

The candidates who would like to take AZ-900 exam should be prepared to develop fundamental skills in Azure cloud services. All in all, this Microsoft assessment focuses on four major areas, as follows:

Each of the topics mentioned above is divided into other subtopics that help candidates understand how to implement Azure services in real-life business scenarios.

  • How much do candidates pay to register for AZ-900 exam?

According to the vendor’s website, candidates will have to pay $99 to be eligible to sit for such a test. However, test-takers should consider that this registration fee will be paid every time they will retake their exam. Therefore, it is better to study hard and pass AZ-900 test as soon as possible if you don’t want to empty your pockets.


  • What are the steps to follow to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification?

First of all, try to decide whether this badge is right for you. As a general rule, it works best for those candidates who are new to Azure or the cloud and want to learn more about this technology. The second step is to upskill your knowledge with the Microsoft training sessions. You, for example, can try the self-paced online training sessions or register for instructor-led training. Also, the vendor recommends that you should take its official sample test and explore its additional resources.

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Now that you have a clear picture of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification test, you only need enough determination to finalize your training process. Understanding what the accreditation exam is all about should be your starting point. Even though Microsoft has your back and offers diverse training resources to your disposal, you need a lot of commitment and energy to pass that assessment with flying colors. So, are you ready for it?


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