Tips to Make the Best Use Video Technology to Boost Your Business


Tips to Make the Best Use Video Technology to Boost Your Business: Man has a creative mind and likes to picturise things that are told to them. With video, one can engage in more wholesome storytelling, and the viewer can get clear mental images of what is being discussed.

Tips to Make the Best Use Video Technology to Boost Your Business
Video marketing and advertising concept on screen.

This is one of the main reasons why video is the most highly consumed form of content today.

Easy access to smartphones and high internet availability are other factors supporting this trend. As a result, brands are resorting to the use of video in advertising their products, messaging their existing customers, and communicating with potential customers. This has worked in favor of brands and played an instrumental role in steering the growth of multiple organizations.

However, you need to realize that video has diverse applications, and what worked for others may not help you. You need to have a discerning eye to identify the best ways of leveraging the power of video in your growth story. Here are some tips on leveraging video technology to boost the sales of your organization.

Send Custom Video for Major Business Events

If you have an event that you want to publicize, sending a customized video instead of a conventional newsletter will help you stand out and catch the attention of your target group. The event may range from a product launch or a seasonal sale to anything that you can think of.

Having a bespoke video will ensure that even distracted customers take note of your event. For best results, ensure that your video uses brand colors, logo, and text and establishes your digital identity. 

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Demonstrate Your Product

As you are looking to market a product in 2020, you need to realize that the average person today has a dwindling attention span. If you use a thousand words to explain how your product works, chances are that you will lose them in the first 100 or 200 words. If you can create video product demos, they are more likely to listen to you. 

With video, you can go beyond demonstrating the features of your product and recreate the user experience of using the product. With an online ad maker such as InVideo, you can create such videos which will tempt potential customers to try out the product you are offering.

Use Video to Show Customers Succeeding with Your Product

Seeing is believing, and when a potential customer watches a video testimonial from one of your satisfied customers, it encourages them to choose you. Video testimonials are more personal than textual reviews and have a personal touch to them.

When a potential customer watches such a video, they relate to the content and are more likely to choose your brand. If you are creating video testimonials of satisfied customers, make sure that you cross-promote it across your brand website and multiple social media platforms for maximum reach.

Switch to Video Conferencing

Body language plays an integral role in any conversation, and it is impossible to mimic the same in telephonic conversations. Not only does this lead to miscommunication, but it also cuts down on the effectiveness of your business proposals. 

An easy way to bridge the gap is through video calls with your team, clients, and potential customers. Being able to display your body language lays a solid foundation of clear communication and steers you on the path of being a profitable business. 

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Optimize Your Video for Search Engines

Optimizing your promotional video content is an essential step towards gaining digital visibility. Google, the most popular search engine, has introduced carousel-formatted video boxes in its PC search results. Moreover, websites with video content rank higher in Google search results. That is why your brand needs to use any YouTube movie maker similar to this one here and come up with video content with appropriate mark-ups. 

Leverage Live Videos

If your brand is launching any new product, software, or feature, it is expected that the potential target group will have a lot of questions. Many such questions will be repetitive, and multiple users will have the same queries.

An efficient way of addressing all such questions without having to spend a lot on customer support is through live videos. With real-time, two-way communication, you can build the knowledge base around your product and lay the foundations of a healthy business relationship. 

Tell Your Story Through Video

It is a general human tendency to prefer doing business with someone they are familiar with. Using video, you can tell your story to the customers. You may tell the story of how you stumbled across the idea of the business, show around your office, bring the people behind your business in front of the camera and do a lot more. Such initiatives help customers familiarise themselves with your brand and helps in building prospects. 

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Prepare DIY Tutorials

If your brand makes products that need assembling, you must realize that reading through a step-by-step guide is a frustrating affair for people unfamiliar with a product. The same holds in reading up manuals of new features of a product.

You can simplify the lives of your customers by using InVideo and coming up with DIV videos that demonstrate the assembling, setup, and usage of the product that you are offering. This will lead to better assistance for your customers, making them more likely to stay loyal to your brand in their next purchase. 

Work on Video Storage

As you chalk out your video marketing plan, you need to realize that video data is bulky and expensive to store. However, this is a powerhouse, and analytics tools can work wonders when implemented on video data.

To make the most of it, you need to be ready with powerful servers or high-end cloud storage facilities. Having a clear picture of how much data to expect, where to store them, and the duration of data retention will help you make better video marketing choices.

The learning curve of video marketing is steep, and it is only when you set out on using it will you come to terms with its true potential. With the tips discussed in this article, you are now ready to make the jump and usher in a new era of digital competency for your brand and steer it on the path to success.


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