Get Set to be Summer Diva by Purnima Goyal


Summer Makeover tips by Purnima Goyal, Makeovers & beauty expert, Silverine Spa & Salon

Colours play a dramatic role in adding dimensions to your look. Summers are usually dull and dreary but with clever mix of fusion, funky, bold or subtle shades you can turn your summers bright and can make your persona look more interesting and refreshed.

Adding a dash of blue, green or yellow can go a long way to pep you up as cool summer diva.There has been a considerable shift in make up trends and Nowadays , the unconventional looks the hottest and hence the use of dominating shades from the color palette.

  • A striking green, deep orange or royal blue are a few shades which can spice up your looks. Orange eye shadow completed with a bronzer looks stunning if worn right. Green and blue eye pencils add a regal effect to your eyes .
  • The new purple is a very youthful shade and can bring out the playfulness of your eyes. Remember to pick up the smudge free sticks especially for summer unless you want colourful sweat rolling down yor face. Using a water proof base is a good idea to keep your make up long lasting and fresh in the summers.
  • Adding a streak of gold or metallic white in your eyes can lend you a great evening look even in summers.
  • You must use primer for long stay and even makeup tone. Must be careful during summer and try to protect your skin from adverse affect of harsh u v rays and horrors of sunburn.
  • Think of foundation in a minimalist way, minimum is better , put it with a dampened makeup sponge for light and seer effect.
  • Keep it on your skin and let it set before apply makeup further.  minute or so to set before you apply other makeup. Go for silicone foundation foundation for better coverage as silicone works between your skin and humidity and acts like a shield preventing foundation from seeping.
  • Avoid black eye liners, infact you can chose from array of summertimeshades like mint, green, mango, mouve , sea green etc.
  • For mascara use deep brown waterproof mascara. Get the dewy face with hint and light veil of translucent powder for perfect summer look.
  • You can opt for gold shimmer under brows and across cheekbones to that will give a luxury to your skin.Warm, sunny, bright blush can be used.
  • Wear only natural nude shades as lip colors while going out to the beach. Lip gloss just looks right come summer: It’s fun and easy but you need to be careful as it can get runny and sticky in the sun too.
  • A tinted lip balm with a high wax content won’t turn to mush in your bag or on your mouth
  • Don’t go out without applying sunscreen on to your face with SPF 30 SPECTRUM over your entire face.
  • For nails go for sheer paster, beige, pink and light colour nail polish and to avoid your nail paint from getting yellowish tint, use nail gloss with uv protection as topcoat, rub sunscreen on your nails as well just like rest of your skin.
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