Lionel Messi Says he’s Retiring from the Argentina National Team International Football


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Lionel Messi Says he’s Retiring from the Argentina National Team International Football :- The Lionel Messi who has recently lost the Copa America final game against the Chile for the second time in the consecutive year has announced his retirement from the international Football.

According to the reports , Messi was highly disappointed with his loss against the Chile and he was in deep sorrow. After the Copa America 2016, final ceremony Messi in an interview he announced that he will no longer play for the National Team.

This interview goes viral on the social media and the reaction from his fans from all over the globe started pouring . Fans do not want him to retire as he is one of the greatest footballers of this era.

This announcement has surprised many fans and the football world as Messi is only 29 and he is still in the prime of the career . Later allegations were made that may be this decision came because of the physical problem of Messi but it was wrong.

He accepted that he is retiring from the football because of the frustration of losing the Copa America final again from too close.

Before the final, Messi wrote on his Instagram that” again waiting for the place to reach the destination but want to hold the trophy this time”.

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This shows that how desperately he wanted to win this finale and now when he has lost it again, it looks like he is totally broken and can’t wait for the next year to give another shot.

The World’s greatest player is in the deep see of emotional defeat , while the fans are hoping that maybe he will reconsider his decision.

Also, the World Cup is only two years away and Messi is still at his best and at his prime and he still has the enough firepower to give a strong statement in the next world cup final.

Well, now we all are waiting for the reaction from his one of a long time competitive Christiano Ronaldo. It will be interesting to see how he will react to this decision of Messi.


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