Ghotak turns into a Sanyaasi in Chidiya Ghar



NewZNew (New Delhi) : ‘Chidiya Ghar’ is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their unique mannerisms. As per their different animalistic names, all the members exhibit one unique trait that defines their personality and behaviour.

Paresh Ganatra played by Ghotak Kesari Narayan has been facing a ton of problems recently which leads to frustration and tension. In this difficult time Ghotak’s friend suggest him to start meditating and introduces Ghotak to an influential saint. In no time Ghotak starts believing in the saint aka Baba and starts feeling much better. Ghotak feels mentally in peace and is very happy with the results and so decides to involve Gomukh and Kapi played by Sumit Arora and Saaransh Verma respectively.


A few days later the Saint announces that he and his followers are planning to visit the Himalayas for the sole purpose of meditation that might go on for a years. Gomukh and Kapi agree to join Ghotak on this wild adventure but when the trio decide to inform their family things take a dark turn in Chidiya Ghar.

Will Ghotak, Gomukh and Kapi go on this crazy journey leaving their families behind?

Paresh Ganatra who enacts the role of Ghotak said, “The current sequence is an interesting one and the viewers are surely in for surprise when they see me in my Baba’s attire. It’s definitely got a lot of twist and turns that will entertain the viewers to the very edge of their seats. I hope fans like the current sequence and like me in it”.

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Will Ghotak, Gomukh and Kapi go on this crazy journey leaving their families behind?

To find out how events unfold! 

Tune into Chidiya Ghar to catch all the fun and comedy, from Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on SAB TV!


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