Gian Jyoti organised self-defence workshop on International Women’s Day


NewZNew (Mohali) : Gian Jyoti Institute of Management Technology organised workshop  mark the International Women’s Day .At the moment, students were taught  some simple effective techniques of self-defence of martial arts .They were also taught  Striking and kicking skills to counter Situations and attacks commonly faced by women. Later, students were informed about their rights given in constitution. Students were also motivated that to avoid potentially dangerous situations even smallest kind of eve teasing should informed to elders to take stringent action.

While Speaking at the moment,Chairman, Gain jyoti Group, J S Bedi said that girls should know their rights to defend themselves  gave a strong emphasis about cyber-crimes against women and cited an example of a murder being committed through cyber use, in addition to this he cautioned the younger generation regarding the misuse of the virtual internet world. He stressed in his talk that all the women and girl should be very alert and should try to learn the body languages of the strangers around them for their own safety and protection.