Oakridge International School conducted seminar on H1N1, Swine Flu endemic


NewZNew (Mohali) : Oakridge International School organised seminar on Swine Flu. The doctor gave information about preventive measures, symptoms and medication for the Swine Flu. Students were guided that the flu is a type of an influenza which spreads from humans to humans. Also if one has symptoms of cold, cough, dizziness or irritation for more than a week then the doctor should be consulted. The disease has actually spread from pig and the medicine used to treat the Swine Flu is TAMIFLU.

According to him the best recommended way of protection is to stay away from the belongings of the infected person, washing hands properly or sanitizing hands with Alcohol based sanitizer, avoid going to crowded places and keeping the surroundings clean. The doctor also advised that one can take vaccination in order to avoid the spread of disease. The students clarified their uncertainties and promised to initiate a drive to aware the people about the Swine Flu. Principal Adi Lakhmi While thanking the doctor wonderful learning experience for the students urged students to take preventive measures to keep the infection at bay.

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