GiMA Honors Pritam


NewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : More than a decade of work, as Pritam went from DHOOM to DHOOM 3  and Gionee and MTV decided to give a tribute to Pritam’s contribution to cinema. Using GIMA as a platform, making it the first time that an awards function decided to pay tribute to a music director by showcasing his work across years.

The music director whose work has been applauded for years shared a compilation of his work with the enamored audience, “It was really tough to get a decade worth of work into a single evening, there are many songs I couldn’t include and when I say that I mean the hit numbers. The decade that has passed had many different types of music that we have ventured into, the genres itself are so diverse. There are love ballads, there are street music and more… so we roughly divided the work into four broad genres and made a medley of songs through the years. Believe me it was no mean task. We did the whole spectrum and yet there was so much we couldn’t do,” says the gifted music composer.

Given never before has a composer’s entire gamut of work being showcased such, the gargantuan task certainly didn’t even sound easy, so what was Pritam’s feeling when they set out for the task, “There was a lot of nostalgia, I was getting flashes of memories of when we were working on those songs all those years ago, it was like reliving each of them over again.”

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For some it might have been a lifetime of work, but for Pritam the decade gone by is merely a beginning of more such melodies years! Cheers to the music, Maestro!


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