Doon Public School, students’ unleash creativity – make ‘Stunning art items’, using waste


NewZNew (Panchkula) : Do you know what is to be done with waste objects generated in the household every month? The answer in general will be, ‘throw them in a dustbin’. However, Doon Public School, Panchkula students have different ideas. These bright pupils have painstakingly, produced beautiful Paintings and decorative pieces using waste materials skillfully by hand. Art & Craft has given a platform to the students to express their latent talent in creativity and the students have exploited this opportunity to the fullest. The students made decorative artifacts, some of which have great utility too. An attractive bee, a ladybug, beautiful pots, lamp shades, a helicopter, an aero-plane etc all are part of the ensemble put together. In their endeavor, they were, guided by Mr.Amrinder whose expertise works wonders while making visual art items and who inspires the students to fashion their ideas into practical objects.

Waste material coming out of households and the school, like non functional tube lights, corrugated boards, cartons, used bottles, plastic spoons, thermacol containers, fused bulbs  .etc were utilized to create appealing pieces. Doon Public School has always been in the forefront for social concerns. The Environment issue is one important issue and converting waste material into an art form keeps the Ecosystem green. Utilizing waste material also does not make a dent in one’s pocket. On the contrary, it does not require any expense as one is using material which is rejected and discarded out as garbage.

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Said Capt Sanjay Anand, SM, Principal, Doon Public School, Panchkula, “I have seen waste newspaper material being converted into excellent artifacts called papier-mâché, by hillfolk.This form has become an industry in the valley and artifacts are exported abroad. Through fostering artistic creativity of the children using waste materials, we are simultaneously transforming them into conscious citizens who will feel responsible for keeping their surroundings and environment clean and green when they mature.” The Principal then also gave an example of Mr. Nek Chand who has created the famous Rock Garden, in Chandigarh, which is now recognized worldwide as a masterpiece of art.

Said Mrs. Sunita Anand, Vice Principal, “Our school students have sounded the environment protection message, loud and clear. By intelligently using waste material; they have also set an example that needs to be emulated by us grownups. Many students of the school have been instrumental in the creation of these objects. Their enthusiasm was worth watching when they were hewing their pieces. We will now showcase the items for the general public for a week in the school premises.”

The artifacts indeed are spellbinding and reflect the creative skills & ingenuity of students in making decorative items from everyday waste.


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