GunjanUtreja, Chandigarh’s talent hosts Zindagi’s SHUKRIYA First Original Reality Show!


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A small token of Shukriya can make a big difference to someone’s life!Zindagi’s first original non-fiction show ‘Shukriya’ was launched with an aim of highlighting the power of saying ‘Shukriya’ to someone who has impacted our lives.  Since its launch, ’Shukriya’ has been receiving an overwhelming response for the heart-warming stories that it has brought to the fore. Priyanka Datta, Business Head – Zindagi & FTA Cluster along with the host of show – GunjanUtreja visited Chandigarh today to thanktheir fans in the city..


To celebrate Teacher’s Day, the upcoming episodeon Sunday, 6 September at 8 PM, ‘Shukriya’will highlight the vital role of teachers in our lives.Shot in Chandigarh, the episode showcases the story of Akhil,a young boy,who had a tough time adjusting to hostel life. Akhil says Shukriya to his teacher not only for helping make his transition to hostel life easier but also for encouraging him and completely changing his life for the better. A special preview of this episode was shown to the esteemedmedia in Chandigarh at a Press Conference held in the city today.

Pix-1Zindagi was launched with a promise to give the viewers differentiated & unique content offerings from across the globe and in this journey, the channel introduced many firsts on Indian Television. Zindagi began its journey with handpicked stories from Pakistan; dramas that were finite in nature with a fast pace narrative, extremely low on melodrama & talent that has a natural, real like style besides being good looking. These dramas were shot are shot in real locations and have amazing original soundtracks. Zindagi also brought the era of telefilms back on Indian television.

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Commenting on the show, Priyanka Datta – Business Head, Zindagi& FTA Cluster said, “I would like to start by saying Shukriya to viewers from Chandigarh for theirconstant love and support.“Living upto our commitment of continuously satiating the entertainment needs of our viewers with meaningful content….we introduced our very first original non-fiction production “Shukriya” last month. This is a show thatgives real people a platform to exhibit their real emotions & in turn gives those they want to thank, a memory that will last them a lifetime. Shukriya is a simple, perhaps even a little underrated word…yet has the power to evoke a million positive emotions. It is a word that can bind people in a happy way & we feel that “Shukriya” should become a way of life. With this thought that also marries with Zindagi’s brand promise of “JodeyDilonKo”, we tookthis small, yet hopefully impactful step of bringing this beautiful offering “Shukriya”.

“This special & unique concept of Shukriya has been accepted widely by viewers from across the county. We are extremely happythat this show has strucka chord with our viewers. We are waiting for the day when each one of us discovers the magic of saying ‘Shukriya’”, concluded Priyanka.

GunjanUtreja, Host of Shukriya also added, “Being a Chandigarh da Munda, I am very excited to in my hometown with Shukriya, a show that is so close to my heart.I am delighted to be a part of one of the happiest shows ever made on Indian television. The experience while shooting the show has been as fulfilling as the response that I’m getting from the viewers. My social media accounts have been flooded with people sending in their Shukriya stories from all over the country. It is a path breaking and original conceptand it has the power to bring a new wave of positivity to people’s lives that will leave audiences wanting more. The beauty of this show is that it is real and showcases genuine emotions and each episode explores a different real story, highlighting a different facet of life and relationship. Zindagi is known for very superlative content which audiences can relate to and I am glad to be a part of this channel with Shukriya.”


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