Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 25


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Filmy Kutappe – 25 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

My obsession for movies has always made me the victim of thrashings. Be it my parents or my teachers at school, I used to get scolded and sometimes slapped as well and I proudly call it “FILMY KUTAPPA”. Since I frequently missed my classes and ran away from school just to watch movies. I would watch 4 movies in a day. Getting a chance to watch first show on the very first day of any movie was like a cherry on the top. Now, after 50 years of constantly bearing this Filmy Kutappa, I am here penning down my thoughts, casting into words which hitherto were just in my mind. Getting up early in the morning just to reach the cinema to watch a movie was nothing but my routine and I felt pride to follow it ardently.

Being a regular visitor at the cinema, I was at friendly terms with the workers around and we usually tease one another. The gatekeeper would covertly let me in and made me sit at the last seat in the hall. I would call my friends, Badri, Vijay and others to accompany me and boast off about my great acquaintance with the staff at the cinema. I would like to share a very funny incident with you all, years ago, on birthday of Shashi Kapoor, I and some of my friends, in a hope to get an autographed coloured picture of him, sent the letter from our school address. Well!! You can imagine what would have laid for us all in the days to come. AHH!!! You guess it right, another “Filmy Kutappa”. Influenced by the films, I myself became so good an actor, or better said a feigner that just to escape punishments for bunking the classes, I used quite filmy excuses, a famous one was putting onion juice in my eyes so as to make my teacher believe I had an eye flu and allowed a leave from school to go back home. But for the love of films I would went straight to the cinema hall. I even faked loose motions many a times just to get myself out of the school. Bribing my sister, Anita with Gol Gappas and sweets to not complaint to my dad about my so called “Acting Skills” and the “Dramas” that unfolded at the school every other day.

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I was caught bunking school and watching movies “n” number of times, sometimes my mother would even find the movie ticket from my pant pockets. We used to wait so long for the films to release and I was the one to arrange tickets for myself and my friends. Although, my wife Sudha has always been kind enough to let me follow my routine of watching latest released films, but still I could not complete my Golden Jubilee years from 1963-2015 since I have many other responsibilities to fulfil now, the most important being the one towards my adorable granddaughter, Sara. Be it Mumbai or Ludhiana, I never missed any opportunity to watch any movie whatsoever. Long live my tradition of watching movies on first day first show basis.

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