Have You Been Buying the Wrong Drill Bits?


Have You Been Buying the Wrong Drill Bits?: The old saying ‘use the right tool for the job’ exists for a reason. When there’s the right tool for the job a drill user gives themselves the greatest chance of success in getting a job done right, while also minimizing the risks that can come with any construction or maintenance work.

Have You Been Buying the Wrong Drill Bits

That’s why when it comes to drill bits it’s really important for all to understand why buying the wrong ones must be avoided. Also, to ensure there’s an understanding of how to select the right drill bits.

Understand the Material

Determining what material the drill bits will drill into is the first step to identifying the right drill bit for the task. Oftentimes the ‘wrong’ drill bits are brought because the material they will be used with isn’t suitable. Obviously if many different drill bits are available to buy it’s clear they’ll find a use somewhere, yet many make the mistake of purchasing drill bits thinking they can all perform similar tasks. In reality this isn’t the case.

Select a Drill Bit to Match the Material

Drill bits come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are themselves made of a variety of different materials such as brass, cast iron, and stainless steel. Many drill bits – like the most popular drill bit style called the twist bit –  can work reasonably well in many different materials. But an understanding of which work most effectively in specific materials is best. For example, an adjustable wood bit will work well in wood, but is less versatile in different materials than a step bit made of a brass.

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Consider the Scope of the Task

Selecting the right drill bits also requires consideration not just of any immediate task in mind, but future ones. Drill bits are typically sold in sets. While like drill bits themselves these sets come in a variety of sizes, typically it’d be unusual for a purchase to be made of a small number of drill bits. This instead of a set where the range of drill bits available would help ensure – should one drill bit ultimately prove to not be ideal for drilling in a particular task – then another in the set will.

The Safety Factor

The reality is using the wrong drill bits can also pose a safety risk given it may result in slippage or breakage of the material the drill is currently in, causing the user to lose their footing or otherwise injure themselves. That’s why using the right drill bits is important, and it’s always prudent to have on-hand move drill bits that may ultimately be needed for a job, so as to ensure in the event one drill bit proves unsuitable there’s likely another in the range that can safely complete the task.

Drilling in the Essentials

Buying the wrong drill bits is always unfortunate. It means the drilling work will be done inefficiently at best, and pose a real danger to people and property at worst. Buying the right drill bits by contrast will help see the job done right. This requires determining what material the drill bits will be used in, and then what drill bit is ideal for use within it. Once this is done, considering the scope of the task(s) is also wise, as buying a larger drill set can be a great move if ongoing drilling tasks are anticipated, and increases odds the right drill bit is always on-hand for a task.

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