‘Heart Team Approach’ introduced by IVY Hospital


‘Heart Team Approach’ introduced by IVY Hospital: Ivy Hospital, Panchkula on Friday announced the launch of ‘Heart Team Approach’ for the management of complex heart and vascular diseases.

‘Heart Team Approach’ introduced by IVY Hospital

Addressing a press conference today, Dr. Japnit Singh, director of Ivy Hospital here stated that this concept is gaining popularity all over the world to provide holistic and ethically correct treatment to patients suffering from various cardio vascular diseases.

Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi, director of cardio vascular said that the management of complex cardiovascular disease has changed with the development of new strategies of care.

Dr Bedi further said that applying all the scientific information and making it useful for the patient and family have assumed central importance. To facilitate this process of patient centric evidence-based care, a multidisciplinary heart team has been setup at Ivy, he informed.

The objective of the team is to provide patient-centric care where family and the patients can participate in decisions. Dr Bedi explained.

The team will consist of cardio vascular surgeon, interventional cardiologist , a clinical/non-invasive  cardiologist, cardiac anesthetist and a critical care expert. Whenever a complex situation arises the team comes into action to discuss appropriate line of treatment by involving patient’s family too.

Dr. Rakesh Sharma and Dr. Rajat Jain both interventional cardiologists informed that the team would apply a scientific criteria to decide on line of treatment based on medical guidelines to reach on a treatment option.

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