Hero – Gayab Mode On on Sony SAB Cast Story Trailer


Hero – Gayab Mode On on Sony SAB Cast Story Trailer: “I am a person who loves to goof around” says Siddharth Nigam of Sony SAB’S Hero-Gayab Mode On. His intense on-screen portrayals might make you believe otherwise but in real life Siddharth Nigam is a self-proclaimed prankster.

The young actor who has already captured a fan base through his historical characters is a livewire on sets keeping everyone on their toes by his quirky pranks.

His latest outing, Sony SAB’S Hero-Gayab Mode On is already being applauded for its performances and the seat-wrecking storyline with Siddharth, who essays the role of Shivaay in the show also winning praises from the audience.

He recently confessed on how he tricks everyone on the sets and is a bigger prankster, even than his own brother Abhishek Nigam who plays Veer in the show.

In a candid chat, Siddharth expresses how his pranks on his co-stars and friends has also landed him in trouble sometimes and made him more careful.

On being a prankster, Siddharth said I am the person who loves to goof around, and this has been the sole reason for carrying out pranks on people since I was very young. On the sets, both my brother and I try out pranks though everyone considers me as the bigger prankster, which I agree with. But Surabhi-Samriddhi Mehra are also very witty and fast when it comes to reciprocating to our pranks. I remember them using artificial blood once to show that they are hurt. It did scare people on the set and their prank was successful. Post that, I planned the same prank with more seriousness where I used prosthetics to show that I had met with an accident. Both got so scared and were in tears. But when they got to know it was a prank, they got very angry with me. I convinced them later somehow.”

He further adds “In the past as well, there have been so many pranks that have gone wrong. I remember trying to pull off one where I dressed up as a ghost, but it backfired, and nobody got scared. My pranks have got me into trouble so many times that I have stopped counting now. “

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Keep watching the prankster Siddharth Nigam in Hero – Gayab Mode On from Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB


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