The Holy Wonders School students took information from Post office


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : The Holy Wonders Smart School visited Post office and   took information from Post office. They learnt the activities of stamping and posting .They were given information about genesis of the postal services and its development. Apart from gaining this awareness, students also see and understand the work of nature there. Students also learnt how letters, telegrams are sent.

Information about writing telegrams, and pin numbers, ways of depositing and withdrawal of money was also given to them. Besides that students were also given knowledge of historical tickets too. They also posted the beautiful cards made by them for their parents. The whole visit very interactive that students participated actively in all the activities.

The students of The holy wonder School Visited Post Office 2

At this moment Ashween Arora ,Director Holy Wonder smart School  said that no doubt, in this era of technology, courier service  and many other fast services  are in trend so interest in sending letters has lessen  nowadays but we took our children to post office to bring them closer to their past so that student may remember their past  and golden time of postal services  and can understand the value of the past as present and future  depends on our past .


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