Hotel Icon re-invents fine dining pleasures this monsoon from 30th July-16th August


Icon Hotel

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Monsoon brings the fragrance of love that hangs in the air and there is nothing like celebrating the season with a great fine dining experience! Hotel Icon re-invents fine dining pleasures this monsoon with an exciting and unique culinary experience from 30th July-16th August by hosting a Japanese food festival! To witness ‘Rock and Roll’ and a ‘Sushi Roll’ being done together, do visit Hibachi restaurant at the Icon Hotel.

Chef Vadim Shin Ryoji has been flown in all the way from Russia and he is a magician, musician and a master chef, all rolled into one, like the awesome sushi he rolls. Yes, he rolls a perfect sushi, tosses food around on a Teppanyaki station with panache, strums melodies on the guitar, sings and shuffles cards in a magic trick with equal dexterity! A one man wonder act who engages all five senses as one savors and rejoices the food and ambience at Hibachi.


Chef Vadim believes his cooking is a fine art form and he practices both cooking and music with finesse and grace.
“The experience becomes rich and rewarding as the guests will be invited to roll their own Sushi under Vadim’s expert supervision on the 30th July!” informs Dilsher Sukhija, MD, Icon Hotel.

Good food and music tango like never seen before to create a memorable gastronomical delight. Chef Vadim brings to this festival his rich international experiences and global acclaim, along with sensational flavors that are sure to win hearts. Hibachi invites its guests to witness an artist at work in rhythm with music, magic and ingredients. Sashimi to the innovative Japanese Biriyani, a grand Teppanyaki theatre opens at Hibachi this monsoon, don’t miss it is what we recommend.

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Do make a booking at the earliest to indulge yourself a bit this monsoon in arguably the best international food festival this side of the Himalayas!



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