Luxurious the Hotel Taj Chandigarh To present “PUNJABI FOOD FESTIVAL” On the Eve of “LOHRI CELEBRATIONS”

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Chandigarh – the City beautiful” designed by famous French Architect, Le Carbusier is known for its unique architecture and well planned landscaping &“Tree plantation” facilitated with open spaces, green belts/gardens and around building complexes. ‘Sukhna Lake’ with backdrop of Lake reserve forests, green belts, beautiful ‘Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary’ have been welcoming tourists on its periphery also enhances the ecological, environmental and aesthetic richness of the City Beautiful. All mentioned as above had been great attraction for visiting Domestic as well as Foreign tourists who love to stay in the Hotel Taj at Chandigarh, which was first World Class hotel established at Chandigarh in year 2005 where tourists from different parts of India offered accommodation & Food of International standards.

“The Hotel Taj had been always ensuring Ambiance, Cuisines, Humble Services by its Courteous & Committed Staff who are groomed for rendering “SERVICE WITH SMILE”. The Top Management of Hotel Taj had been always looking for Food Lover’s responses by organizing Food Festivals covering different Indian and International cuisines/ dishes periodically, which had enabled the management to present varied Food Stuff according to Hotel Lover’s Choice and also to have feed-back about Hotel’s services” said by Hotel Taj’s General Manager Sh. Surinder Singh while interacting with representatives of Print and Electronic Media.

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Sh. Surinder Singh G.M. The Hotel Taj Chandigarh also briefed the invited Media Persons during Press Conference and said “Lohri is a popular festival, celebrated by people from the Punjab region of South Asia”.

Sh. Singh further explained “The origins of Lohri are many and link the festival to Punjab region. Many people believe the festival was originally celebrated on winter solstice day, being the shortest day and the longest night of the year”.

Sh. Singh further said “Traditionally Lohri is associated with the harvest of the Rabi Crops. The traditional time to harvest sugarcane crops is January and therefore, Lohri is seen by some to be a harvest festival. The general time to sow sugarcane is January to March and the harvesting period is between December to March with a 12 to 18 month cycle. Sugarcane products such as gurh and gachak are central to Lohri Celebrations, as are nuts which are harvested in January”.

Sh. Singh said with smiles “Over time, people have associated Lohri to the tale of Dulla Bhatti. The central theme of many Lohri songs is the legend of Dulla Bhatti, who lived in Punjab during the reign of Mughal EmperorAkbar. He was regarded as a hero in Punjab. Besides robbing the rich, he rescued poor Punjabi girls, being forcibly taken to be sold in slave market of the Middle East from theSandal Bar region. Their marriages were arranged to boys and provided them with dowries. Amongst two girls Sundri & Mundri (married in 1614) who gradually became theme of Punjab’ folklore. So some Lohri songs express gratitude to Dulla Bhatti”.

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Sh. Surinder Singh informed the Media Participants “On the occasion of Lohri  Hotel Taj Chandigarh invite Food-Lovers to experience the fervor and vibrant colors of lip smacking traditional Punjabi food, freshly cooked right in front of you to delight your taste buds with Lohri Da Vehda a Food Festival at Café 17 from 9th Jan until 13thJanuary 2015”.

Sh. Surinder Singh said in his concluding remarks that we hope that Punjabi dishes today presented & tasted by invited media must be appreciated & they will definately apprise & inspire the people, friends and relatives in Tri-City about “PUNJABI FOOD FESTIVAL” at Hotel Taj Chandigarh for availing of the sumptuous Punjabi Food. .Few tasty dishes will be including makkai de roti sarson da saag, masaledaar bateer, chuza lawang elachi and patiyala mutton malai kofte, gandey wale khumb, doodhi barfi, amarti, gud di kheer, pethe da halwa which will give the foodies an ultimate gastronomic pleasure.

For further details, please contact our Food & Beverage Manager Mr. Anant Kumar Anand Mobile Number : +91 8288020502


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