How did I Pass AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS CDA) Exam?


How did I Pass AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS CDA) Exam?: Whizlabs aims to provide study materials and best practices and the latest in accordance with the latest updates from Amazon web services.

How did I Pass AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS CDA) Exam

So, I became a member of the WHIZLABS AWS expert team, took (and passed with a score of 92/1000) the AWS certified developer association exam again to track the latest changes in the AWS developer association certification exam and check whether the Whizlabs AWS CDA Online course is good enough to pass the exam CDA AWS certification.

The Association Exam of the AWS Developer Certification is one of three association level certification offered by the Amazon web service. This helps the candidates to show it

  • Understanding the core AWS service, its use, and the best practices of the Basic AWS architecture
  • Proficiency in development, deployment, and debugging Cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Preparation for the Developer Certified AWS Association Exam

My main preparation resources for the AWS Developer Associate Developer Certification Exam is the online course whizlabs AWS CDA which provides a focused content to pass the CDA AWS exam in the first attempt. This course provides 15+ clocks of training videos with several interactive laboratories along with direct practice labs to get real time experience.

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I completed an online course for the AWS developer Associate Developer Certification Exam which includes a comprehensive set of videos under the following sections:

  1. introduction
  2. Start
  3. Main service
  4. Command line interface
  5. Without server
  6. CI / CD and Developer Tools
  7. Security
  8. Additional key services

After completing the video online, I also tried Whizlabs AWS CDA Practice Tests to check if I was ready. I tried the training test 2 times, scored 80% above in the first effort while 90% above in the second attempt and in the real test.

The most important concepts and topics for the AWS CDA exam

When I found myself ready for the AWS certified developer association test, I scheduled a test for March 24, 2019. Now, I am an Associate Developer Certified AWS, I will share my experience to take the CDA AWS exam with all of you. So, here is a description of the topic and the important subtopics from where I found the question in the test.

  1. ServerSless.

Lambda – Many questions are requested from this

Many good questions directly in lambda or lambda combinations with other services

– lambda – Questions related to the version

– lambda – Related questions alias

– lambda – Sam’s combination question

– Lambda – Sam and Codedeploy combination

Sam – parameters in questions related to Sam code – which parameters do what in the Yaml code

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Lambda to solve complex architecture

  1. KMS.

Encryption at rest, encryption in transit

KMS questions are required in combination with many other services

S3 encryption.

– Encryption when transferring data from Kinesis

– Lambda function to process data and encryption before transferring data to S3

– Default S3 Encryption

Related Questions Button – Master Key, Envelope Key, Data Key, GeneratedDatakey, etc.

  1. Dynamodb.

Complete understanding of DynamoDB is a must for the developer test

Understand RCU, WCU and calculations based on this

Local Secondary Index, Secondary Global Index

Scan vs Query.

Projection expression.


Use dynamodb in combination with elictache like redis and memcached

Combination of DynamoDb with lambda and S3

Questions related to DynamoDB sessions

Take data from DynamoDB – Lazy Loading, Write

How to solve ProvisioniedThloughputExceededException

DynamoDb TTL.

  1. Elasticbeanstalk.

Understanding of various ways updates is needed – rolling, at once, rolling with batches, eternal, etc.

Combination of Cloud Formation and elasticbeanstalk

Understand clearly how configuration in elastic work islank

How to change the type of instance

How RDS can be saved when removing elasticbeanstalk

Spread different application versions in elasticbeanstalk

Note that the CDA AWS exam is more focused on direct experience compared to other AWS associate certification. So, you need to get direct experience using AWS services to build applications for real-time than understanding theoretical concepts. You will find many questions based on direct scenario. Questions are concentrated on application development and deployment. So, while preparing the AWS developer association exam, don’t forget to make your hands dirty on the AWS platform with AWS services.

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Fortunately, I will discuss all of these topics in online courses, and a little I remember because I have also taken another AWS certification exam. Overall, the online course includes all the AWS Developer certification test domains, along with several additional topics that can help you in the preparation of your AWS developer association exam.


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