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How Many Subjects are Compulsory in Class 11 Science?

How Many Subjects are Compulsory in Class 11 Science?: If you are preparing for class 10th board exams and you are confused by the question of which stream you should choose, and the first stream that comes to your mind is the Science stream, then you must get an idea of the class 11th Science subject list.

For most students in classes 9 and 10, their visions of a career are mostly restricted to their childhood dreams. Because of that childhood fancy, very few among them actually give their career choice an earnest thought. Parents, teachers, and family talk about how you need to choose your stream after class that and it is high time that you should start deciding.

Stream choice can be a daunting task, but it is actually not that difficult if you are aware of your opinions and engage a bit in diligent research and introspection, and you collect enough information about the class 11th Science subject list.

Students should also know the career and job opportunities that are there in the different chosen fields. To answer all these queries, you need to self-analyse and self-interrogate. You should do an in-depth analysis of your forte areas and choose the combination of subjects that suits your interests and professional goals.

The Science stream is based on two sub-branches in class –

  1. Medical- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Optional Subject
  2. Non-Medical- Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Optional Subject

Physics and Chemistry are common in both branches, and the difference is what option you choose, whether Mathematics or Biology. Students sometimes go with the combination of the two, choosing to study Mathematics in place of an optional elective. The combination of both Mathematics and Biology is a decision you should take after careful thought. The first four subjects are tied with the stream you choose and are compulsory for all the students to study.

Career Options you have in Science Stream

When you go through the class 11th Science subject list, you will find out that the medical branch of the Science stream is there because it opens the pathway to a career in Medicine after they pass out class 12. There are also alternate characters like engineering and available with the stream you decide.

There are also other options in the biological and life sciences, such as Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and optional subjects are Nutrition, Pharmacology, Psychology, Biotechnology, etc.; there is a lot to explore. Apart from all these fields, there are also other branches of Medicine apart from MBBS, which are Dentistry, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and other allied medical fields like Physiotherapy and Clinical Research.

A detailed list of subjects in the Science Stream

  1. Physics

Physics is among the oldest subjects and is the Science of matter, energy, molecules, motion, and force. It focuses on understanding the way the universe is created. Advanced Physics help in advancements of technology, such as electromagnetism, thermodynamics, mechanics, nuclear physics, and solid-state physics.

Taking up Physics in your Science stream will help you to develop observational, analytical, investigatory, and decision-making skills along with conceptual understanding, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. You can also study Kinetics, the Law of Motion, Thermodynamics, Electrostatics Electromagnetic waves, Electronic waves, etc.

  1. Chemistry

Everything in this universe is made of atoms, molecules, and matter, and the study of Chemistry is the building of atoms, molecules, and substances. This Science stream subject teaches you about the properties, composition, and structure of matter. With the advent of technology, new fields in the study of Chemistry such as Biomolecules, Synthetic Materials, Industrial Chemistry, and Natural Resources have begun. There are numerous concepts of Surface Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Kinetics, and Chemical Bonding with Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

  1. Mathematics

This is generally the study of numbers and clarifies conceptions of amount, structure, and space. The subject teaches you to identify the flow of reason while solving a problem. This course covers topics such as Calculus, material reasoning, algebra, probability, and linear programming.

  1. Biology

Biology is one of the most well-known science courses involving the study of all species. It teaches a wide range of topics about organisms, including physiological systems, molecular interactions, physical structures, evolution, and development. You can also study cell structure, functions, and structural organization in plants, animals, human physiology, animal physiology, and plant physiology.

  1. Computer Science

Another important Science stream subject is Computer Science which is mainly important for those who want to study Engineering or want to work in technical fields. In class 11 Science, the Computer Science course concentrates on programming languages such as C++, C, Java, Python, and so on. Students are taught from beginner to intermediate level.

Benefits of Science Stream

After 10th grade, the most important decision students must take is which stream to choose, which they need to consider after going through the class 11th Science subject list. There are advantages as well as disadvantages associated with every stream. Every year approx. 33% of students choose the Science stream.

  1. When you choose the Science stream, you are all set to explore the practical aspects of the processes and systems, be the physical system, the biological system, or the chemical system.
  2. Your career prospects are not limited to MBBA or Engineering. There are several career prospects in R&D, Architecture, and Data Science.
  3. One of the significant advantages of studying Science is over discipline that you can apply in other courses like business management and law.
  4. The Science subjects help students to be more progressive and help in the development of students.
  5. Students in Science create cures, treat various diseases and do a variety of other things.

There are many career options available after Class 10 and there are also many career options after completing classes 11 and 12 if you study Science stream with Science subjects. So, you must choose Science if you are sure of your career interest and academic ability.

If you feel confused about the prospects of the Science stream and Science subjects, then you must contact iDeamCareer. They have expert counselors to guide and help all individuals in their careers. They are always ready to help young minds from class 9-12 with the aim to select your most-suited career choices.

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