How to develop your child’s numeracy skills with Creta Class


How to develop your child’s numeracy skills with Creta Class: If you want to help your child develop their maths skills effectively, look no further than Creta Class. This unique online maths program was designed by experts who wanted a fun way to teach children the basics of maths without boring them!

How to develop your child's numeracy skills with Creta ClassCreta Class is an engaging and interactive way for children aged 3 to 8 to learn basic math operations with numbers, such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Along with this, it also helps with time management, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio/proportion/percents conversion, how to read from charts, etc.

Help Your Kids Learn Number Facts With Creta Class

Number facts are your kids need to know to do maths. They are the building blocks of maths that help them add, subtract, multiply and divide. Number facts are combined with other concepts to make up the strategies kids need when doing maths. Creta Class helps kids learn these basic facts using animated videos and lessons.

Learn About Different Types Of Numbers with Creta Class

Fractions, decimals, and percentages are different types of numbers that allow you to express the size of a whole in terms of smaller parts. However, it is easier for a grown-up to understand. So, it might be overwhelming for parents to teach these concepts to a young child.

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Creta Class can help your kid learn math online effectively, especially for these basic math skills that can build a solid base for your kids math learning. Animated videos make it easier to understand concepts such as fractions and decimals. Many studies and research show that animations and videos can help kids learn something quickly and remember it for extended periods. Although the most challenging part is getting the kids’ attention, Creta Class helps get over this trouble with the help of their engaging lessons.

For example, fractions and percentages are explained using images such as a pie or a cake. Using other animated characters and motion helps explain other mathematical concepts by relating them with real-world objects around us.

Unique Method Applied by Creta Class for Math Learning

To develop your child’s math skills, you should teach them how to read numbers. The first thing that a child should learn is how to identify numbers. At a very young age, kids must be taught about roman numerals, various systems of number representations, and writing numbers in the form of words.

Creta Class follows a unique approach to teaching math to kids in a straightforward manner. It makes it easier for them to understand the process of learning and counting. With the help of online lessons, kids can learn much more about numerals and practice them whenever possible. Most of the activities of Creta Class are self-learning based, so a child can keep practicing as soon as they learn a new mathematical concept.

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Practice Your Tables and Mental Maths

Your child can practice tables while attending math classes for kids by Creta Class. The online videos and activities they offer are excellent for your kids to learn tables.

Initially, when a kid learns about numbers and arithmetic calculations, they also start learning a lot about tables and doing calculations mentally. Creta Class teaches calculation methods with logical thinking training behind to help your child quickly solve mathematical problems. They use learning techniques that ensure your child can also be good at mental math. This is undoubtedly going to help them be a step ahead in their math learning journey.


We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” teaching methods. Creta Class understands how each child is different. They develop a bespoke plan for each student based on their needs and learning style.

While some students can learn faster, others might need time and practice to understand the concepts. That is why Creta Class offers one-on-one online math lessons for kids. This is specifically helpful for those who are weak in the subject. Click here to visit Creta Class and learn more about their teaching process.

Parents can trust the teaching strategies developed by Creta Class as these are proven techniques. It could be the right option for your kids if you are searching for a unique way to help them learn fundamental maths skills.

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