Hrithik Roshan’s Bigg Boss Change of Heart


Hrithik, who had earlier said that Bang Bang will not go

through the usual rigmarole of promotions seemed to

have taken a U-turn by making this appearance


NewZNew (Feature) : Actor Hrithik Roshan made quite a commotion inside the Bigg Boss house when he went in there to promote his recently released film Bang Bang.

Hrithik, who had earlier said that Bang Bang will not go through the usual rigmarole of promotions, as he wants to test the strength of the film’s core content, seemed to have taken a U-turn by making this appearance. The film has so far minted above Rs 200 crore worldwide and has reached the coveted Rs 100 crore mark in India. However the Siddharth Anand movie, made on a budget of Rs 175 crore, is still away from being a sure shot success. Bang Bang, which released on the same day as Shahid Kapoor’s Haider, had surpassed the latter in the initial box office success race. However, Haider picked momentum after positive word-of-mouth reviews, and that seems to have unsettled Hrithik a bit because of which perhaps the actor has broken his initial resolution and is now ready to test the power of promotions. Hrithik’s entry into the Bigg Boss house took all the housemates by surprise. Further, Hrithik appropriated Bigg Boss role in the house by subjecting the contestants to his famous Bang Bang dares.

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He challenged all the housemates to walk over a pile of broken glasses as a part if the challenge. Even though reluctant at first, Minissha Lamba had her fan girl moment with Hrithik, when she was picked up by the actor who took her in his arms away from her hiding spot in order to undertake the task he had allotted. Hrithik also acted as the harbinger of peace between Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati, who were at loggerheads ever since the ‘Hijack’ task. Hrithik’s Bang Bang dare for Karishma and Gautam required then to dance on the film’s title track, after which they were re-christened Hrithik-Katrina of the house.


The superstar also delighted the housemates by serving them cupcakes. The contestants, who were under a ration curfew due to their noncompliance to Bigg Boss‘ rules, were also promised a royal dinner by the actor.


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