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HS inaugurated Dog Sterilization Centre in sector 38

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Sh. Anurag Aggarwal, IAS, Home Secretary, UT, Chandigarh today inaugurated the dog sterilization centre in sector 38, here today in presence of Sh. Rajesh Gupta, Senior Deputy Mayor, Smt. Gurbax Rawat, Deputy Mayor, Sh. Rajiv Gupta, Joint Commissioner, Sh. Arun Sood, area councilor,  other councilors and officers of MC, Chandigarh.

The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has signed an MOU with SPCA, Udgir, Maharashtra for running the sterilization centre and Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme in Chandigarh.

Total 104 kennels at a cost of Rs. 35 lacs have been constructed in the centre and a target for sterilization of minimum 450 dogs in a month has been assigned to the SPCA under the programme.

Total Rs. 972/- have been fixed as per dog charges to SPCA, which includes for catching, Sterilization, Anti Rabies Vaccination, feeding, post operative care and releasing the dog in their territory etc. The entire process will be covered under CCTV in the centre.

All the procedure will be followed by the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and the Animal Welfare Board of India (Ministry of Environment & Forests). Dogs in good condition will be surgically neutered by qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons in the centre. Ovario-hysterectomy will be performed on the females and castration on the males. Animal care should follow very high standards; therefore a lot of emphasis will be placed on hygiene and cleanliness. The operated dogs will be kept for a period of 4 to 5 days, until they are completely healed.

A permanent identification mark will be notched as “V” mark in the right year of each sterilized dog.  In addition to that red dye mark in the head and red collar in the neck of male dog and green dye mark in the head and green collar in the neck of female dog will be placed after sterilization. Dogs, not fit for surgery will be treated first and operated only when they will be in good health.

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