IISL Launches ‘Nifty 50 Futures Index’


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A new index to reflect futures price movements in India’s benchmark index – NIFTY 50, has been launched today. In its endeavour to expand the suit of indices representing the Indian capital market, India Index Services & Products Ltd. (IISL), a NSE group company, has designed the ‘Nifty 50 Futures Index’.

“It captures the performance of Nifty 50 Futures contracts. The index is constructed using the near month Nifty 50 futures contracts traded on NSE”, said Mukesh Agarwal, CEO, India Index Products & Services Limited (IISL). Nifty 50 is the most actively traded index on F&O segment of NSE. The index will gradually roll over to the next available contract, three days prior to expiry day.

The index is expected to provide the market participants an additional vehicle to participate in India growth story.  The base date of the index is April 01, 2005 and base value is 1000.  The index shall have two versions namely – Price Return and Total Return.  The Price Return version of the index shall measure the price returns of Nifty 50 futures traded at NSE. The Total Return version measures the price returns from Nifty 50 futures and investment returns based on 30 day MIBOR.  The index will be maintained by IISL and calculated on an end-of-day basis.

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The Nifty 50 Futures Index will be available for licensing for the launch of financial products.


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