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Imran being served chicken, mutton in Attock Jail: SC informed

Imran being served chicken, mutton in Attock Jail: SC informed: The Supreme Court of Pakistan was informed that incarcerated former Prime Minister Imran Khan is being served meals with chicken and mutton in the Attock Jail in accordance to his “profile and legal status”.

Imran being served chickenIn pursuance of the Supreme Court order seeking a report on the living conditions of the former premier, the Attorney General’s Office submitted a report on Monday, reports The News.

The report says that the jail administration was also providing proper safety and security to Khan.

“The most safe and secure confinement of this jail is Block No.02 which was vacated and a section consisting of four cells was declared as the high observation block for confinement of the said convicted prisoner,” the report says, adding that the adjacent/neighboring confinement block/barracks had also been got vacated.

The report mentions Khan’s food menu that includes bread, omelette, curd and tea for breakfast; and fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses and rice for lunch and dinner.

It further stated that he was also being served with chicken twice a week as per his wish, while mutton, cooked in ghee, was also being provided to the former Prime Minister.

The report mentioned that Khan had been confined to a cell measuring 09×11, which was white washed, has cemented flooring and a ceiling fan, reports The News.

The report further stated that size of the washroom was extended and its wall raised up to five feet, with a fibre door also installed.

The apex court was also informed that Khan was provided with a cot mattress, four pillows, table, chair, prayer mat and an air cooler.

Reading material, including four copies of the Holy Quran and 25 books on Islamic history, and a TV was also given.

The report also mentioned that as per law, Khan’s family could meet him two to three hours on Tuesday, while the lawyers can come for two to three hours on Wednesday, reports The News.

The court was informed that from August 7 to 23, Khan’s lawyers and wife had met him thrice each adding that the PTI chief was examined by a team of five doctors.

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