India, the rising favorite destination for people undergoing hair transplant!!!


Rising costs of treatments in abroad forced people to seek treatments from different countries. India’s rich inheritance has always detained the people from world confined through its charisma and mesmerizing enigma. India, the home for “Ayurveda” where healing comes from, is a consciousness approach to healthy living and science of life. It has attracted many people from different countries. Along with ancient natural ways, Modern India is now attracting many people for treatment with its different medical modalities.

Medical tourism in India has risen as along with national, international patients are also getting themselves registered for treatments like hair transplant. As compared to western countries, India is getting popularity as hair transplant in India is of low cost with high success rate of natural hair restoration results. Apart from this, Indians believe in ideology of “Atithti Deva Bhav” which means guest is like God. Indian hospitality is famous in world that how Indians treat or serve their guests with extreme warm.

India has every type of hospitals or clinics for every patient. Most of the hospitals or clinics have rigid safety standards serving best to national and international patients with utmost care. India has surgeons who have excelled in the art and science of hair restoration, having International Board certifications and are members of International Society of Hair Restoration surgery.

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Here are some points that make India a most popular destination for seeking hair transplant.

  1. Low cost: India offers the best and affordable cost for hair transplant. Hair transplant cost in India depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. Clinics offer the best packages for the treatment which will not cut your pocket. This makes treatment more patients friendly and you can travel across other cities in India also.
  2. Qualified surgeons: India has well very well qualified surgeons, trained from the best institutes across worldwide. They hold expertise in transplanting hair in every race of people. Most of the doctors in India are members’ of international societies of hair restoration, ISHRS etc. ISHRS, Hair transplant network recommends hair surgeons like Dr. Kapil Dua and Dr. Poswal.
  3. Advanced treatment: Surgeons in India perform the hair transplant with latest and advances techniques. Doctors are well trained in techniques like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Doctors also perform BHT (Body Hair Transplant). Few doctors have developed techniques like Bio-FUETM which gives more natural and effective results.
  4. Safe, Hygienic & modern centers: Clinics in India are of ultra modern and world class technology. Sterile and hygienic conditions are maintained for hair transplant to be perfect or successful. Post op. care and safety measures are properly followed for the patients by the staff to avoid infection or any complications.
  5. Patient friendly environment: Before surgery, sitting with patient is conducted so that surgeon and patient will come to know each other. Staff makes the proper arrangement for the patient and special precautions taken by the staff helps to reduce the anxiety and fear of patient before, during or even after the surgery.
  6. Post op. care: Doctors also describes the latest trends for healthy hair which can be followed by patient after the surgery to maintain the natural hair growth. Doctor will recommend vitamins, supplements or lifestyle ways according to your hair or regular lifestyle.
  7. Best locations: There are number of clinics in India which can be easily located. Best known clinics are located in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Punjab. International patients have not faced any problem while travelling as these cities can be easily located with best accommodation. Airlines facilities as well as local transport means are available which makes travelling easy.
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After your hair transplant in India, you can go back to your daily routine or you can go back to your home city also. The other option is as India has diverse terrain, you can plan a vacation in Incredible India. There are different cities to visit according to likings or choice. If you are fond of beaches then Goa is the place for you, if mountains, lakes or beautiful scenery attracts you, go for Srinagar, Kerala known as God’s own country. If you are a fan of art deco monuments, visit Jaipur, Mumbai and if modern hi-fi lifestyle makes you comfortable, then Bangalore, Gurgaon are the cities for you. The most important if you want to explore the rich culture, then visit Punjab or also spelt Panjab.

When your tresses are restored after your hair transplant in India, you will go back totally refreshed and re-energized.


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