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Indian youth can learn a lot from Bharathiar’s works: Modi

Indian youth can learn a lot from Bharathiar’s works: Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the Indian youth can learn a lot from the works and life of Tamil poet, freedom fighter, journalist Subramania Bharathi, popularly known as Bharathiar.

Indian youth can learn a lot from Bharathiar's works
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the All Party Meeting on COVID-19, via video conferencing in New Delhi on Dec 4, 2020.

Speaking at the International Bharati Festival 2020 organised by the city based Vanavil Cultural Centre via video conference Modi said the Indian youth can learn to be courageous from Bharathiar.

“Achamillai, Achamillai (there is no fear). Even if every human in this world is against me, I have no fear,” Modi quoted Bharathiar.

Stating that he sees such a spirit in young India today, Modi said such a ‘can do’ spirit can do wonders for the country.

Modi termed it difficult to describe the multifaceted Bharathiar who cannot be linked to any single profession or dimension as he was a poet, writer, editor, journalist, social reformer, freedom fighter, humanist and much more.

One can marvel at Bharathiar’s works, poems, philosophy and also had a close link with Varanasi, the Lok Sabha constituency that he represents, Modi said.

According to Modi in a shot span of 39 years, Bharathiar had achieved a lot and his works have been published in 16 volumens.

Bharathiar believed in a healthy mix of ancient and modern and wrote about the India’s glorious past as well as the importance of scientific temper, Modi said.

Modi also pointed Bharathiar’s definition of progress has a central role for women and their empowerment.

Bharathiar also wrote that women should walk with their heads held high while looking people in eyes.

The Prime Minister said his government is giving importance to the women with 15 crore women entrepreneurs funded by Mudra Yojana who are working hard and become self reliant.

In every sphere of government’s working, women are given importance, Modi added.

Modi also pointed out that Indian women are being inducted into the armed forces on permanent commission.

Today poorest of poor women are benefitted with 10 crore safe and hygienic toilets.

“This is an era of new India’s Nari Shakti. The New India’s tribute to Bharathiar,” Modi said.

Modi also congratulated Vanavil Cultural Centre for spreading the message of Bharathiar and presented the Bharati Award to researcher Seeni Viswanathan.

Bharathiar, was a Tamil poet, journalist writer and a freedom fighter. His patriotic poetry ignited freedom movement in Tamil Nadu. Born in Ettayapuram now in Tuticorin District in 1882, Bharathiar had his early education in Tirunelveli and Varanasi.

He had worked in newspapers like The Hindu, Swadesamitran, Bala Bharata, Vijaya, India and others. Bharathiar wrote on topics like politics, women empowerment, social, spiritualis. Many of his poems have been used in Tamil movies. He died on 11th Sept 1921 after he was attacked by a temple elephant here.

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