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India’s Q1 2016 Buying Propensity Index at a high

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : TRA Research’s Buying Propensity Index (BPI), a measure of the country’s ‘keenness to buy’, evaluates the current overt, covert and contextual buying sentiment of India through a primary research. India’s Q1 2016 Buying Propensity Index stood at 0.42, (measured on a scale between +1 to -1) displaying a high buy keenness in Q1. April 2016 started at a higher BPI at 0.46 and downward pressure was exerted through May (BPI=0.44) and June (BPI=0.37) due to delayed monsoon, inflationary pressure and the BREXIT uncertainty.However, the dominant sentiment in the quarter displayed a ‘Positive’ outlook with 69% responding positively or moderately positively. The Buying Propensity Index is a result of a primary research across 3000 consumer-influencers across 8 cities in India conducted every quarter.

Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, elaborated on the Buying Propensity Index for Q1 2016 and said, “Buying Propensity is a natural pull that manifests on the basis of Trust (based on reasons to buy) and Attractiveness (based on the inherent magnetic pull to be bought). These two combine to make the fundamental substrate on which all buying decisions are made.”

He further added, “The Buying Propensity Index is a detailed research considering three factors, the Transactional and Aspirational and Environment buying sentiment of the Indian consumer. The overall Q1 2016 BPI was at 0.42for India which on a +1 to -1 scale shows a high propensity to buy in India. This is despite a southward pressure on BPI from April to June due to several extraneous factors. The ‘Positive’ Buying Sentiment outlookis an important indicator of how consumers are looking at making buying decisions over the next two quarters, and, if there are no surprises, we can expect buying to pick up.”

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CP Singh
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