Indo Global Colleges campaign against Drug Abuse


NewZNew (Mohali)Indo Global Colleges conducted de-addiction camp carrying their fight against drug abuse to the numerous villages & Schools in and around their campus. The campaign began after Sukhdev Kumar Singla , Chairman, Indo Global Colleges  precious wishes and guidelines for  the students. In his inaugural speech, he said that India is the youngest nation of the world and its biggest strength is its youth. But some selfish persons are converting our strength into weakness by spreading the fatal disease of Drugs in the veins of our young people.

The young engineering students of Indo Global Colleges conducted many activities to highlight the plight of drug addiction. Nukkad Nataks and discussions were held with the villages . Through activities and talks the NSS volunteers highlighted to the village youth, The punishment for drug trafficking is very stringent and in rare cases it may even include death penalty for perpetrators of this crime. Even harboring drug offenders is a serious crime. Later ,ill effects of drug abuse were presented on the stage and they were motivated that  If any youth knows someone who is an addict, then immediate steps should be taken to de addict the person by counseling him and rendering whatever best help that can be given. Students advised residents to take interest in the career of their children and give them a clear-cut aim of their life. This will motivate them to go for constructive work instead of destructive work.

Students were divided into four groups and they approached almost all the houses in the village and discussed with the residents about the problem of Drug abuse in their respective homes. Villagers gave very vital information to the students about the circumstances under which drug abuse was spreading. Villagers suggested that counseling sessions should be organized for the kids of the villages at the village itself. They said that proper guidance and sports facilities can help their children to keep away from drugs.In the evening all the villagers assembled at a central place discussed various means to eradicate the problem of drug abuse.

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