INIFD Christmas Party 2014


INIFDNewZNew (Chandigarh) : To Welcome the New Year in style and to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, the students of Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), Sector-8, Chandigarh organized theme based Christmas party today at Buzz Lounge & club in Chandigarh.

After having a great time at Xmas celebrations with the residents’ of Mother Teresa Orphanage three days before where INIFDians played Xmas Carols & Jingles for them and distributed Xmas Caps, food hampers & goodies to each one present. NOW… it was the time to pull up socks for INIFD Chandigarh Students to celebrate their fun-filled rocking Christmas party. INIFD students were dressed up in self designed attires as per the MERRY theme –CHRISTMAS’. Students of INIFD enthusiastically participated in the X-MAS celebration and decorated the venue in the eternal colours of Christmas – White ‘n’ Red with dashes of green. All these truly helped in creating the ambience for the Christmas bash. The entire hall was ornamented with a huge Christmas tree, beautifully decorated with vibrant knick-knacks, Balloons and gifts.

INIFD Students gave a wonderful dance performance on popular Bollywood numbers to further add on to the gusto of celebration. The Party witnessed games and contests. Prizes were given to the winners of best Dancer- Male & Female, Best dressed- Male & Female and Best dressed Faculty. Appreciation ceremony was held to award the students & give them recognition for their outstanding work.

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The arrival of Santa Claus and distribution of gifts added to the festive spirits. The students of INIFD Sector 8 danced to festive tunes rendered by DJ. Dressed in ‘Red n White’ (the colors of Christmas) with bits of green thrown in to compliment the matching accessories, students celebrated Christmas in its true spirit.

Everyone enjoyed the XMAS bash to the utmost and wanted it to continue forever, but all the good things have to end sometime, therefore, they all hugged and wished each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, as the institute would be re-opening on 6 Jan ’15.


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