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Is M.Tech Environmental Engineering the right degree for you?

Is M.Tech Environmental Engineering the right degree for you?: With rapid consumerism and industrialization on the rise, erratic climate change and deforestation have become a disturbing reality.

Is M.Tech Environmental Engineering the right degree for you?

In such a deteriorating landscape, the need of the hour is to regulate and control the vast industrial sector to ensure optimum levels of pollution, waste management and safe air quality.

This has turned the spotlight on businesses to embrace green technologies and rethink industrial processes for creating environmental balance. In this scenario, the demand for an environmental engineer has increased manifold and finding the right fit for an organisation is a great challenge.

This raises the pertinent question of how an advanced degree i.eM.Tech in environmental engineering would help pursue a lucrative career in the industrial sector. To pursue an M.Tech in environmental engineering, the prerequisite would be to hold a Bachelor’s degree in chemical, mechanical, environmental, civil engineering or an equivalent.

How does an M.Tech in Environmental Engineering help?

Typically, an M.Tech course in environmental engineering explores diverse concepts in engineering and technology to understand environmental issues and devise quality solutions. The course explores various subjects in depth which cover solid and hazardous waste management, industrial waste products treatment, environmental system engineering and air pollution control to name a few.

If you are passionate about the environment, making a difference to the society and think innovatively, then anM.Tech in Environmental Engineering would help because:

  • Sheer variety of subjects covered in the course would help you make a decision about the kind of specialisation to pursue in interesting sub-sectors like coastal engineering, water resources engineering, ocean engineering, ecological engineering and geophysical engineering
  • Helps you prepare for understanding numerous challenges in the field of devising innovation alternative renewable energy resources, hazard management, understanding the nuances of ecological engineering and building reliable ecosystems
  • As one of the most promising career options of the future, a job as an environmental engineer offers high salaries, perks and job satisfaction

Prospective job opportunities with M.Tech in Environmental Engineering

While pursuingthis course, the next step would be to think of suitable career opportunities with M.Tech in Environmental Engineeringand how to explore the market for a job position. Based on your interest, three main sectors under which jobs would be categorized are – the public sector, industries and research. As a research engineer or scientist, a PhD course with specialisation or taking up a teaching job at government or private college would be suitable options.

Government bodies look for well qualified environmental engineers for a strategic role in creating environmental policy and regulation development, addressing environmental health and safety for the general public and natural resource management.

Apart from these, interested candidates can also work for state pollution control boards run by the regional government bodies as well as Central Pollution Control Board.

In a nutshell, pursuing advances studies like M.Tech in Environmental Engineering would open numerous opportunities and offer a promising career path.

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CP Singh
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