Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On Woow: Watch All Episodes Online


Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On Woow: Watch All Episodes Online: Jadui Ittar is the latest Hindi web series directed by Peter Bhai. Gurmeet (Gungun) and Pooja Padal plays the lead role with Gaurav, Aman Dhaliwal, Sunny Dhillon, and Simmi in supporting roles.

Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On WoowOne Media Network is the digital partner for this web series. Jadui Ittar series has three episodes and it is now streaming on Woow app.

Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On Woow Storyline

The story revolves around a married couple. They rent a new mansion to spend their vacation. Unfortunately, they find out that the place they are living in is haunted by a 25-year-old man’s ghost.

They call a warlock to ward away the spirit, but he gives the couple an enchanted object for their protection. What happens to the couple will they ward off the spirit is the main crux.

Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On Woow Episodes

Check out the episodes list of the Jadui Ittar web series,

  • Episode 1 – New Mansion For Vacation
  • Episode 2 – Is It Haunted
  • Episode 3 – Ghosh!!

Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On Woow Cast

Here are the cast members of Jadui Ittar,

  • Gurmeet Kaur (Gungun)
  • Pooja Poddar (Pooja Padal)
  • Gaurav
  • Aman Dhaliwal
  • Sunny Dhillon
  • Simmi
Jadui Ittar Woow Web Series

How To Watch The Jadui Ittar Web Series Online On Woow

  • Visit the official website of Woow or download the app on your device (Android and IOS).
  • Log in using your email ID or sign in if you are new.
  • Choose a subscription plan and complete your payment process.
  • Search for the “Jadui Ittar” series.
  • Tap the series poster from the result.
  • Click the Watch Now button to watch the latest episodes online.
  • Users can also download the episodes to stream them offline.

Jadui Ittar Web Series (2023) On Woow Web Series Details

Series Title: Jadui Ittar
Season: 1
Part: 1
Type: Web Series
Online Video Streaming Platform: WOOW
Language: Hindi
Release Date: November 2023